Canadian Companies Go Global with Big Data

Canadian Companies Go Global with Big Data

Our CEO, Mark Damm, discussed the world of big data with national Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail. Below is an excerpt from the article, published on 29 September, 2012:

When Mark Damm looks at the world, he sees an opportunity to solve big problems with big data. In India, for example, electrical utilities must add millions of new customers while managing an unstable grid. And in South Africa, where electricity costs could jump almost 15 percent annually through 2018, owners of commercial and industrial buildings are desperate to cut energy consumption.

The only way they can do that typically is by understanding exactly where their energy use is coming from,” says Mr. Damm, CEO of Fuseforward, a Vancouver-based developer of infrastructure management software for utilities, governments and businesses. “And that’s a big data problem.”

Read the complete article for full details.


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