FuseForward Selects Attunity for Universal Data Integration

FuseForward Selects Attunity for Universal Data Integration

FuseForward has chosen Attunity Replicate to expand the data integration capabilities of our patented cloud platform. Attunity Replicate provides real-time data ingestion and broad platform support that can enable advanced analytic solutions.

“Instead of undertaking a time-consuming cloud development project, FuseForward customers come to us for our one-stop cloud platform that comes equipped with everything they might need.” said Mark Damm, CEO at FuseForward. “For this reason, it is important that any technology embedded in our platform allows us to maintain flexibility across platforms and applications. We chose to add Attunity to our portfolio because it provides universal data integration, enabling us to offer big data analytics initiatives in both private and public cloud deployments.”

See the press release for more details.

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