Solution-as-a-Service: What is it?

Solution-as-a-Service: What is it?

Most technology services can be delivered via the cloud today, spawning a multitude of “as a service” offers. A promising new service offering, Solution-as-a Service, looks to integrate disparate systems, improve project risks and reduce time to value.

What is Solution-as-a-Service?

Today’s cloud vendors typically focus their products on one layer of the cloud computing stack (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS), where they specialize. Solution-as-a-Service is different because it delivers all aspects of cloud computing, integrated as one offer. The solution is then delivered as a subscription service.

For example, when a customer wants to move and operate applications on  the cloud they might purchase and integrate a range of stand-alone technologies (commonly referred to as a “solution”). This approach often involves an in-house project, or system integration consultants. It can be costly and time-consuming process. Project risks can be significant as each solution is custom made.

Instead of hiring a system integrator or undertaking a complex in-house cloud development project, a Solution-as-a-Service provider will deliver all the components required for cloud operations pre-integrated in a subscription model.

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The Benefits of Solution-as-a-Service

When it comes to enterprise cloud development, the new approach brings with it a wide range of benefits including:

  • Single point of contact:
  • Ongoing management and maintenance
  • Increased speed-to-value
  • Reduced project risk:
  • Cost certainty

Solution-as-a-Service in use: The FuseForward Suite

FuseForward uses a Solution-as-a-Service approach for securing and monitoring applications on AWS. The FuseForward Suite, a solution that incorporates pre-integrated security, control and monitoring of your applications run in the cloud.

Our Solution-as-a-Service approach enables us to accelerate cloud deployment, delivering the technology and services required for a secure, reliable cloud, without the need for a time-consuming, complex IT project. And we operate this service as a fully managed service to ensure your applications are running at peak performance.

Download Our Free Whitepaper: Cloud Solution-as-a-Service

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