Will New Water Tech Sink or Swim? Canada Prepares for Disruptive Water Technology

Will New Water Tech Sink or Swim? Canada Prepares for Disruptive Water Technology

FuseForward CEO and Founder, Mark Damm, recently took the opportunity to share his insights and ideas regarding disruptive technology and the water sector at the 2018 Canadian Water Summit.

Mark joined other local technology leaders in a panel discussion set to examine how water utilities can capture value from disruptive technologies. A key focus of this session was the opportunities that these disruptive technologies present to Canadian municipalities.

With over twenty-five years’ experience in the implementation of water utility systems, Mark is well-versed in the challenges facing water utilities today. He is also an enthusiastic supporter of the Canadian tech industry. For Mark, the Canadian Water Summit was the perfect opportunity to explore both of these interests while sharing his insights and ideas with other industry professionals.

“We have recently seen a surge in exciting new technology that has the potential to deliver great benefits for water utilities, including the rise in new connected IoT devices, such as smart water meters,” says Mark.

Although this new technology has the potential to deliver great benefits to water utilities, Mark pointed out the challenges water utilities may face—including the need to manage large amounts of data.

“In order to make the best use of the vast amount of data generated by smart devices, it has to be integrated,” he says.

“If the data from distributed smart devices are siloed, or not delivered in real-time, water utilities miss out on the opportunity for insight that can really help them innovate and operate more effectively.”

“There is a lot of great Canadian technology out there now. By implementing this technology as an integrated solution, Canadian water utilities have the opportunity to be world leaders in this space,” he says.

The Canadian Water Summit was held in Vancouver from June 20-22. Mark appeared at session 3.2 “Capturing Value from Disruptive Technologies.”

Learn more about how FuseForward can deliver an integrated solution for the management of IoT devices for water utilities.

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