FuseForward Announces New Partnership with McAfee

FuseForward Announces New Partnership with McAfee

FuseForward is excited to announce we have entered into a new partnership with global cybersecurity provider McAfee. The partnership provides additional capabilities to our multi-layered cloud security service, FuseSecure.

For FuseForward CEO Mark Damm, the partnership is an exciting step in our ongoing commitment to ensuring our security service remains at the forefront of the threat landscape.

“While the cloud is fast becoming a fact of life, security has, and always will, be a top concern. We are finding that the increased complexity of modern IT infrastructure, combined with constantly evolving security threats, are introducing new challenges that require new tools for protection,” he says.

“McAfee is a global leader in security and we are excited to add them to our mix of embedded technology suppliers.”

FuseForward’s partnership with McAfee will provide additional functionality for our FuseSecure customers, including enhanced visibility across their entire IT environment. It will also provide enhanced protection from device-to-cloud and a strong defense against advanced attacks. For more information on FuseForward’s comprehensive security service, please see FuseSecure.

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