How to Implement Continuous Improvement in Asset Management – A Guide

How to Implement Continuous Improvement in Asset Management – A Guide

Enterprise Asset Managers face enormous challenges in this new era. Aging infrastructure coupled with dwindling budgets make it difficult to maintain the same high-quality service that is expected of them. With demand ever-growing, satisfying stakeholders and conserving resources can seem impossible.

Implementing a Continuous Improvement Cycle will help facilities address these challenges.

A Continuous Improvement Cycle is a system that emphasizes continual assessment, maintenance and innovation. Incorporating this system within operations can help asset managers maintain and monitor assets, and establish a culture that prioritizes continuous improvement.

Benefits of implementing this cycle in your organization include:

  • Improvement in asset life and utilization;
  • Increased flexibility when unexpected events occur;
  • Improved asset reporting that can help build a strong case for increased budgets.

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