Real-Time Analytics Shed Light on African Power & Water Challenges

Real-Time Analytics Shed Light on African Power & Water Challenges


Cape Town, South Africa — May 16: FuseForward demonstrated the benefits real-time analytics can deliver to African utilities during the African Utility Week conference and exhibition held from 14-16 May in Cape Town, South Africa.

African Utility Week is the leading conference for African power, energy and water professionals. FuseForward was selected to attend as part of a delegation arranged by the Canadian Trade Commission.

FuseForward’s Founder and CEO, Mark Damm, was excited about the opportunity to provide analytic solutions that shed light on the challenges faced by utilities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“Utilities in Africa face a range of issues, many of which affect their ability to meet basic demands for water and electricity,” says Mark.

“We know that the availability of reliable and complete data is critical in order for utilities to find solutions to their challenges. Data from IoT devices and smart meters can help, but developing the technology required to ingest, store and make sense of this information is a barrier for many resource-strapped utilities.”

FuseForward’s cloud platform provides a secure, reliable way for utilities to store, aggregate and analyze data from their IoT and smart devices, delivering the comprehensive performance information utilities need within a single interface.

Example utility challenges that FuseForward can address include:

  • Demand management: Data from devices and external sources can be used to predict peak electricity or water usage times, enabling better management of resources.
  • Preventative maintenance: Deteriorating infrastructure can often be the cause of outages in Sub-Saharan Africa. By analyzing sensor data from equipment and infrastructure, utilities can obtain real-time maintenance alerts, preventing outages before they occur.

With the event closing today, Mark is optimistic about the future of the industry, and the role FuseForward can play.

“We’ve had a chance to hear first-hand about the challenges facing utilities and are looking forward to the opportunity to help solve them. Not only do analytic solutions in this sector have the ability to provide business improvements for utilities, they also play a role in improving the delivery of power and water across Sub-Saharan Africa—and that’s something our team is very enthusiastic about!”

Learn more about how FuseForward can deliver a fully integrated and secured analytics solution to water and electric utilities.

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