Watch Now: Addressing Cloud Security Concerns

Watch Now: Addressing Cloud Security Concerns

With organizations across the world reporting costly data leaks and paralyzing cyberattacks, cloud security has never been more important. To help address your security concerns, FuseForward teamed up with the experts at Mirai Security to outline common cloud security objections and how to address them.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • Cloud security concerns
  • Security credentials of major cloud service providers
  • Ways to enhance cloud cybersecurity

“The cloud isn’t inherently vulnerable, but people configure it to be vulnerable,” says Alex Dow, Co-Founder of Mirai Security. “Your cloud solution is only secure if you have taken the appropriate steps to secure it.”

Our Solutions Engineer Ray Jung builds on this discussion, demonstrating actions organizations can take to further enhance their security in the cloud.


Watch Now: Addressing Cloud Security Concerns


This event was the third installment of our Breakfast Briefings. We have paused our Breakfast Briefings for now and have launched Remote Control—a webinar series designed to provide quick answers to common technical challenges we are facing, including business continuity, online service delivery and cloud computing. Register for the next session to join the discussion.

For a full list of our recorded presentations, check out our Webinars. We cover a range of topics including cybersecurity, cloud migration, management and more.

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