Amazon Wind Farms; Israel Cybersecurity

Amazon Wind Farms; Israel Cybersecurity

Each week we’ll bring you an overview of the latest news in cloud computing, cybersecurity and industrial IoT over the past seven days. This week we’re focused on AWS wind farms and Israel’s cybersecurity position. 

Amazon Announces Three New Wind Farm Projects to Power AWS

Amazon has launched three new wind farm projects and aims to power all of the global infrastructure required for Amazon Web Services (AWS) with renewable energy. Located in the US, Ireland and Sweden, the cloud service will have the capacity to generate more than 2.7m MWh of renewable energy annually, which could power a city approximately the size of Nashville, Tennessee.

Learn more on how Amazon plans to power all global infrastructure with clean energy in 2019.

How Israel Became a Cybersecurity Power – and What Canada Can Learn From It

In 2011, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made an ambitious promise to turn Israel into a top-five global cybersecurity power within five years. Now, less than a decade later, Israel is recognized worldwide as a cybersecurity innovation hub that continues to produce not only some of the best products and services — but the best minds. For Canada, which is looking to make a mark in innovative industries such as artificial intelligence, it’s a model that some say is worth studying.

“That level of integration should be imitated here in Canada.”

IBM Study: More Than Half of Organization with Cybersecurity Incident Response Plans Fail to Test Them

The Ponemon Institute on behalf of IBM conducted a global study exploring organizations’ preparedness when it comes to withstanding and recovering from cyberattacks. The study found that a vast majority of organizations surveyed are still unprepared to properly respond to cybersecurity incidents. With 77% of respondents indicating they do not have a cybersecurity incident response plan applied consistently across the enterprise. Of the organizations surveyed that do have a plan in place, more than half (54%) do not test their plans regularly

“Failing to plan is a plan to fail when it comes to responding to a cybersecurity incident.”

IoT Day 2019: Healthcare Market on the Rise

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the healthcare market, which comprises medical devices, systems and software, and services, has had a wide impact on the overall healthcare sector and been extremely beneficial in chronic disease management, remote clinical monitoring, assisted living, preventive care, and personal fitness monitoring. The market is primarily driven by growing demand for improved patient care services, real-time disease management, efficient and effective treatment outcome.

Learn more about the factors that are expected to further drive the IoT in healthcare market over the forecast period.

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