Managed Security Services for Property Management

JLL used managed security services to protect its critical property management business applications

About JLL-Integral

Formed through the merger of professional services and investment management firm JLL and Integral, a provider of mechanical, electrical and fabric property maintenance, JLL-Integral specializes in commercial real estate. One of the largest mobile engineering services providers for property worldwide, JLL-Integral has more than 280 corporate offices, operates in more than 80 countries and has a global workforce of more than 60,000.

Challenge: Securing Cloud Applications after Digital Transformation

JLL-Integral needed to securely implement and manage a new set of cloud applications to manage the business as a result of a digital transformation program. These applications include IBM-Maximo for asset and work management, Cognito for field management, SunSystems for financials and project accounting, and Field Service Optimization for work scheduling.

Solution: Managed Security on a Secure Private Cloud

FuseForward built a secure private cloud to enable secure and efficient consumption of these applications, acting as a systems integrator, managed service, and managed security provider. These services included designing the VPC and network components, as well as setting up access management and deploying the applications.

To ensure comprehensive, multi-layered security and continuous application monitoring and cost management, FuseForward chose to base JLL-Integral’s solution on AWS infrastructure. One of JLL’s key applications is docker-based which uses AWS ECS for container orchestration. FuseForward also used an AWS direct connect so that the organization’s on-premise users can access their cloud-based applications securely.

Other elements of the solution include EC2, ECS, VPC, Direct Connects, RDS, Workspaces, Directory Services, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, SNS, Route 53, ALBs\NLBs, AWS Glue, IAM, S3, Code Commit, EFS, OpenSearch, and Systems Manager.

AWS Workspaces allow for a thick-client model to access the SunSystems financial application running on Windows EC2 instances connecting to SQL server. The servers are domain-joined to an AWS-managed AD.

Results: Secure Global Cloud Transformation

JLL-Integral’s private cloud, backed by FuseForward’s managed security services now provides ongoing management of the company’s AWS infrastructure to strengthen both security and operational programs. FuseForward’s experience, proven technology, and client-focused approach ensure that JLL-Integral’s private cloud is performing optimally, with the highest levels of security, at all times.

About FuseForward

FuseForward accelerates digital transformation for critical infrastructure providers such as cities, utilities, and transportation providers through consulting and technology expertise. With expertise across cloud, intelligent systems, advanced analytics, cybersecurity, and much more, FuseForward serves customers around the world from offices in Canada, Europe, and South Africa.