AWS WorkSpaces for Access Control

Solution Requirements

We are a fast-growing cloud managed services provider, maintaining and operating multiple, enterprise-grade clients in locations around the world. As a company that puts security first, identity and access management is extremely important to us. We wanted a secure, reliable way to manage infrastructure and access control for multiple clients and environments.

We required an access management solution that:

  • Was easy to maintain and upgrade
  • Included automation
  • Met our standards for security and reliability

Why We Chose AWS WorkSpaces for Access Control?

Having incorporated Amazon WorkSpaces for Windows into several customer solutions, we had seen first-hand how effective they could be.

Key benefits to this approach to access management include:

  • “Cloud Administrator only Active Directory,” providing complete control over policies & administrator identities
  • Pre-packaged tools required to access servers, applications, and services
  • Better governance over access points

Solution Outcome

Our products incorporate pre-packaged technology from leading providers that meet our high standards for security and reliability. We have proven success with Microsoft Active Directory and Amazon WorkSpaces for Windows, as a result, these and other Microsoft Services have been incorporated into our products and services.

For more information on our embedded technology, check out our vendor partnerships.