Video: High Performance Cloud Computing

Video: High Performance Cloud Computing

Many Canadian institutions are looking to upgrade and enhance their operations using high performance compute platforms, but there is not enough supply to meet the demand.

According to Compute Canada, less than half of the CPU resources requested by institutions are met. Without proper computing supply, institutions may continue to deal with costly inefficiencies and limited scalability.

We’ve joined forces with local leaders in the high-performance computing field to outline how the cloud can address these concerns in our webinar.

This session covers:

  • Options for researchers and academics
  • Industry trends
  • Innovative approaches
  • Considerations for Canadian-based institutions

Watch Now: Cloud and High Performance Compute Platforms

This webinar was hosted by CanShield Data Center CEO George Emery and features FuseForward Founder and CTO Mark Damm, AMPD Technologies CEO Anthony Brown, and Cancer Computer CEO Roy Chartier.

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