Solutions Tailored for Your Industry

Our intelligent solutions take the FuseForward Suite as a starting point, and build on that with industry-specific technologies, services and applications to create a comprehensive IT environment that is optimized for your sector.

These pre-configured solutions enable you to harness a wide range of data sources, obtain real-time performance information, deliver automated control, and manage a mobile workforce. They also include a ready-made library of performance indicators for your industry.

Instead of undertaking a complex integration project to achieve all of this, we deliver everything required in one ready-made solution that is secured using ISO 27001 methods, and operational in one fifth the time of traditional approaches.

Intelligent Cloud

Intelligent Cloud is a ready-made cloud solution that protects and harnesses the power of your complex network, while improving the effectiveness of your critical operations.

Key Benefits of the Intelligent Cloud Solution

Connect Multiple Sources of Data

We ingest multiple sources of data from across IT systems, such as logs and monitoring tools, enabling you to monitor your complete environment in a unified view.

Industry Indicator Library

With extensive experience in this field, we know the performance indicators that IT operators can act on. Our performance indicator library enables us to deliver our intelligent solution quickly.

Pre-integrated Tools and Services

Our suite of technologies and services are pre-integrated and ready to handle your operations. This includes service desk, infrastructure monitoring, and network monitoring applications.

Intelligent Water

Intelligent Water

The rapid growth in smart water devices, climate change, and aging infrastructures have created a unique set of requirements for water utilities. Learn how we’ve met these needs.

Key Benefits of the Intelligent Water Solution

Real-Time Streaming Analytics

Harness the ability to calculate and deliver performance information in real-time and make the most of data from your connected devices.

Industry Experience

We know the performance indicators you need to accurately monitor, detect, analyze and anticipate issues such as wastewater overflows and water leakage.

Embedded Security

Our solutions come with comprehensive, multi-layered security measures, ensuring the protection of your data and IoT devices against cyber attacks.

Intelligent Transport

Intelligent Transport

Smart transportation requires securely managing, monitoring and optimizing a potentially vast mobile network or fleet. Learn about the solutions we’ve created for our customers in the transportation industry.

Key Benefits of the Intelligent Transport Solution

Real-Time Streaming Analytics

Harness the power of large, real-time data sets in your transport network, and obtain advanced, actionable insights into the operations of your mobile fleet.

Integrated Applications

Our technology incorporates your data sources and applications, and enables them to seamlessly work together to manage a distributed transport network.

Industry Expertise

Through experience, we know the key performance indicators and complex IT systems of transportation providers, including their predictive and preventative maintenance requirements.

Intelligent Facilities

Intelligent Facilities

Data from smart devices has great potential for facilities such as hospitals, manufacturing plants, and universities, but tapping these potentials requires an intelligent solution. Learn how FuseForward can help.

Key Benefits of the Intelligent Facility Solution

Harness All Your Data

We ingest multiple sources of data from across a complex system, such as SCADA and control systems, enabling you to monitor your complete environment in a unified view.

Leading Research and Expertise

We lead a network of researchers to investigate how real-time data analytics can be used to optimize a large complex facility, and we embed the results of this research into our solution.

Indicator Library

We know the performance indicators that facility managers can act on. We provide these in a ready-made solution, that we can deliver faster than traditional approaches.

How Our Technology Works

We have taken the best industry-specific technologies and applications on the market today, and we’ve packaged them and automated their delivery in our ready-made solutions. We configure our solutions for your specific needs and environment, and offer them on a subscription basis, including proactive support and continual maintenance, so instead of dealing with multiple vendors across your environment, you only need to deal with one—FuseForward.
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How to Get Started

FuseForward will work with you to define your requirements and develop and implement a solution that best suits your needs and budget. You have the option to choose from an existing solution template, or work with us to develop a solution that suits your unique needs using our patented, ISO 27001 certified process. We provide you with the option to start small with an initial pilot project or demonstration site and scale out as needed.

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