Education and Research

We accelerate the delivery of digital services for education providers, so that you can focus on the delivery of quality education.



FuseForward Benefits for Education Providers

Regulatory Compliance

We deliver solutions that meet strict regulatory frameworks, including data residency requirements.


We protect services and data with our comprehensive security service and ISO 27001 certified processes.

Education Expertise

We provide a wide spectrum of services—from virtual classes through to research data and advanced analytics.



Our Products and Services

Online Learning Platform

Our online learning platform enables the delivery of secure, reliable elearning services for Canadian education institutions, from K-12 through to university.

We can support the secure remote delivery of any educational service, including online lectures exams, and legacy software or tools.

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Virtual Research Labs

We provide a range of technology solutions designed to support academic research.

This includes access to high performance compute, as well as secure environments for research data and collaboration.




airflow class health monitroing

Airflow and Building Health Solutions

Advanced building technology can monitor and prevent the spread of COVID19 within campuses. Sensors and devices can increase fresh air flow and analyze capacity within a building.

However, this technology is only useful if systems are in place to manage the data generated. Our Airflow and Building Health Solutions secure and analyze IoT data, using advanced analytics and remote controls to manage the health of classrooms.




Our Experience

An Expert Team

“FuseForward’s technology and expert team have been invaluable to our efforts to prototype new data modelling approaches for IoT Smart Building applications.

As a result of FuseForward’s input, we have significantly decreased the time and effort necessary to deploy new concepts and algorithms.”

Jenn McArthur, Associate Professor, Department of Architectural Science, Ryerson University

Proven Success

“The talented and knowledgeable staff at FuseForward have been important players in the success of Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Big Data Initiative.

Their experience and technology have been vital to our success as we collaborate on data-driven solutions to challenging, real-world problems.”

Fred Popowich, Scientific Director, Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Big Data Initiative

Intelligent Systems Alliance

FuseForward leads the Intelligent Systems Alliance, a team of academics and specialists interested in optimizing industry performance through the use of smart devices and advanced analytics. The network is made up of leading academic institutions across North America.
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