We Offer Managed Services

Your subscription to the FuseForward Suite includes proactive support. Not only are our technologies ready-made for an easy migration to the cloud, but FuseForward continues to maintain and operate your cloud environment for you. Instead of dealing with multiple vendors across your environment, you only need to deal with one—FuseForward.


Our Approach

We offer a range of ongoing maintenance and support services. Our Service Level Agreements for managed services range from support through to 24×7 service with additional SLAs.

Our managed services include:

  • Operations Centre: Includes monitoring, maintenance, and management of the environment and related services, such as user access, entitlements management, and network traffic. We monitor the cloud environment capacity and the health of your infrastructure. This includes server patching and network traffic supervision.
  • Online Service Desk: Customers can communicate with our team through different channels, report or troubleshoot issues and make change requests.
  • Out of Hours Emergency Support: In case of any incidents or alerts requiring immediate intervention to the cloud environment.

Free Cloud Application Readiness Assessment

We can help you prepare for your journey to the cloud with a free cloud application readiness assessment. As part of this assessment, we will work with you to answer key questions and evaluate your application readiness.