Disaster Recovery

We offer packaged disaster recovery services on AWS that can help you achieve business continuity goals—for basic applications through to business-critical systems.


Avoid Downtime and Data Loss with Disaster Recovery on AWS

Data loss and downtime are major worries for any IT team. While you want to take every measure to reduce this risk, budget and staff availability often restrict you—in some cases leaving you unprotected.

Our disaster recovery service on AWS guarantees recovery time and point objectives for your cloud or on-premise service. We protect you with services that meet your business continuity needs and budget, operated by our skilled team of AWS Certified Engineers.

Benefits of our Disaster Recovery Service

Multi-Region Backup

We store and recover your service in different geographic regions. Your workloads are safe, even in the case of a natural disaster.

Fast Recovery

Our fast recovery time & point objectives mean you can recover from a disaster in minutes, not hours—ensuring business continuity.

Flexible Packages

Our disaster recovery service comes in three packages, giving you the flexibility to choose a service that meets your needs and budget.

Disaster Recovery Service Packages

We offer disaster recovery packages that meet your needs—whether you’re running a departmental application or a business-critical system.
Multi-Region Backup
  • For everyone.
  • We retain your data in a different geographic region in case disaster strikes.
  • Included with our standard managed services packages, or available as a stand alone service.
Cold Standby
  • For critical systems on a budget.
  • We maintain core elements of your system in different regions to ensure swift recovery in a disaster.
  • Available as an upgrade.
Hot Standby
  • For business-critical systems.
  • We maintain a fully functional version of your environment on standby in different regions, ensuring almost seamless recovery.
  • Available as an upgrade.

Our Partnerships

Free Application Readiness Assessment

We can help you prepare for your journey to the cloud with a free cloud application readiness assessment. As part of this assessment, we will work with you to answer key questions and evaluate your application readiness.