Online Learning Services

Our team of experts manage the secure delivery of your online learning services, so that you can focus on what matters—delivering quality education.

We can move your service online at no cost! Get in touch to learn more.


Deliver Learning Services Online

We enable the delivery of secure, reliable e learning services for Canadian education institutions, from K-12 through to university.

Unlike hosting services provided by software vendors that lock you into a specific product, we give you the freedom to deliver any application or service of your choice online. Our expert team takes care of the technical details, including security, infrastructure and operations.

Benefits of our Service

Online Learning Platform Canada


We configure your online learning services to meet Canadian regulations, supported by a local team.


Online Learning Platform Canada

Fully Managed

Your service is operated and maintained by a team of experts for a monthly subscription, no new hires required.


Online Learning Platform Canada

Quick to launch

Get your services up and running quickly with an approach that is faster than in-house methods.


Our Online Learning Services

We can help you with the secure online delivery of any application or service of your choice. We are also skilled integrators and can improve connectivity between applications, creating a streamlined solution to suit your e learning needs.

Online Learning Platform Canada

Services we support include:

  • Learning management systems, including Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas.
  • Student collaboration environments, including SSO for Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
  • Online class hosting services.
  • Operation of legacy and on-premise applications in the cloud.

Move Your LMS to the Cloud

Our expert team can help you move and operate applications in the cloud, including your learning management system.

Benefits include:

  • Remote delivery: Support your students with a service that can be accessed reliably and securely from anywhere.
  • Cost effective: You pay only for the compute power, storage, and other resources you actually use.
  • Scalability: Easily increase users and storage as your online learning demand changes.
  • Data residency: We can meet strict regulatory requirements, including Canadian data residency requirements.
Online Learning Platform Canada

How Does It Work?

1. Define your solution

We evaluate your needs, design your solution and determine your budget. We cover all aspects of online learning from desktops through to learning management systems.

2. Deploy platform

We provision the applications of your choice, along with cloud infrastructure and our pre-packaged suite of technical services.

3. Configure your service

We configure your applications along with the technical services required for secure online learning, such as identity management and security.

4. Operate and monitor

Our expert team operates and monitors the infrastructure and applications for you, for an annual subscription fee.

Special Offer: Move Your Services Online

We are offering a limited number of no cost online learning delivery workshops for Canadian education providers, as part of the AWS Partner Guided Onboard Program.*


  • We guide your team through the process of moving a learning management system to the cloud.
  • We move an application to the cloud in preparation for online service delivery, at no cost.
  • You receive a $500 credit towards the AWS service and support costs associated with your online service.

Spaces are limited. Book today to secure your spot. 

*Terms and conditions apply