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We are an AWS Managed Services Provider (MSP). Secure your AWS application environments with our fully managed AWS Services & AWS Infrastructure Management.
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What is AWS Managed Services?

FuseForward AWS Managed Services is a fully managed infrastructure management and enhanced security service for Amazon Web Services (AWS). As an Amazon Managed Services Provider (MSP) we offer ongoing management of your AWS infrastructure along with comprehensive, multi-layered security service and continuous application monitoring and AWS cost management.


Secure, Manage & Monitor
AWS Application Environments

Managing your applications on AWS is serious business. From security monitoring and vendor management right through to cost management, AWS cloud management is a non-stop job that can quickly drain your resources.

In addition to managing the AWS cloud infrastructure, we offer additional AWS managed services including:

  • Fully managed security
  • Operating system management
  • Managed backups
  • Hardware monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • Cost Management
  • Automated scaling
  • Self-healing
  • Managed DevOps

We follow best practices, supported by our own AWS cloud application management solution, security, and optimization tools.

Download our AWS managed services packages overview to learn more about how we deliver AWS Managed Services.

Key Principles of Client First approach

The following elements are crucial to our patented model for operating your AWS workloads in the cloud:


Whether it is scoping a project or designing an ongoing service we need to understand our clients’ objectives and challenges. Everything we do is driven by meeting agreed aims.

Cost Optimization

With a properly designed architecture, there is generally a reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your IT infrastructure. This isn’t just a reduction in the annual budget, but improved cost predictability and management. We ensure that you have all the resources your applications need to meet SLAs – whilst staying within agreed budgets.


This isn’t just about preventing unauthorized access or loss of confidential data, but about making sure identity and access are managed appropriately across the organization. Proper identity and access management processes will strengthen both security and operational programs.


We design in durability and redundancy so that business operations continue as promised. We constantly monitor and predict performance, intervening to prevent issues.

Agility & Flexibility

Being client-focused we operate a model that allows frequent changes to applications and services – without impacting performance or availability.

Latest Technologies

The world of IT is constantly providing new technologies and techniques (such as AI & ML). We recommend what will enhance performance while meeting budget targets.


AWS Managed Services Benefits


Multi-level AWS Security

Multi-level AWS Security

We protect your AWS application workloads with a comprehensive, multi-layered approach, supported by continuous monitoring by a team of experts using ISO 27001 compliant procedures.



Simplified Vendor Management

Simplified Vendor Management

The average enterprise manages multiple security vendors sourced from a complex, ever-changing ecosystem. We manage your vendor partnerships, so you can focus on your business.


AWS Performance Insight

AWS Performance Insight

We bring your application performance data together in one place, providing the foundation to develop dashboards and analytics that meet your needs.

Why choose FuseForward for
AWS Managed Services?

As Advanced-tier AWS Partner and AWS Managed Services Provider (MSP) with fifteen years’ experience managing complex application environments on the cloud, we bring experience, proven technology, and a client-focused approach. We have:

  • Globally located, certified staff with the latest knowledge of AWS products, procedures, & services
  • Access to exclusive AWS benefits, including migration & proof-of-concept programs
  • ISO 27001-compliant security process to ensure data is safe
  • Professional services team that can enhance applications & develop new solutions

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Headache-Free Service

“The performance we were looking for with none of the headaches of having to perform our own maintenance.”

Dan Lorenz, President, AMS CAD

AMS CAD Managed Service

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