Move Your EAM System to the Cloud

We migrate and operate fully managed Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions on the cloud.


A Comprehensive EAM Cloud Solution


FuseForward delivers fully managed Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions on the cloud.

We migrate your EAM software to the cloud and integrate it with other services, including smart meters, to create a comprehensive solution that meets your needs.

With an EAM cloud solution, everything works together—real-time alerts will help you reduce downtime and increase efficiency. Work orders can be immediately sent to the affected sector, facilitating a rapid response.

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What Projects are Suitable?


We can migrate and operate any EAM system on the cloud, include EAM software from major providers including IBM Maximo, Infor and SAP.

We add further value by connecting your EAM service with other services to create a solution that works for you, including:

  • Mapping (GIS & ESRI)
  • CAD
  • Smart Meters
  • Asset Management Systems
  • ERP & Billing Systems
  • Remote Field System
  • AVL Fleet Management.

Benefits of Our Approach


Fast Delivery

Templates eliminate lengthy design processes.


Fully Customizable

Single-tenant hosting enables full customization of your EAM.



Our subscription-based service provides cost-certainty.


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Our process

Our specialists will work with you to create a custom package based upon the number and type of users, as well as other system requirements.

FuseForward fully manages your cloud infrastructure, with an option for shared responsibility.


We promise

✔  Full compliance, full integration, full functionality

✔  Quick deployments

✔  Multiple environments

✔  Java virtual machine clusters with support for MS SQL or

✔  Oracle databases

✔  Supported by the FuseForward Cloud Suite

Our Work

A True Partner

We required a secure, high performance cloud solution for our on-premise software. 

FuseForward not only successfully delivered a cloud environment that met our needs, they have acted as a true partner—providing us with both cloud strategy and technical advice every step of the way.

Sean Dunphy, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Advanced Utility Systems