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Our cloud experts support you at every step of your digital transformation journey with expert cloud consulting services & AWS consulting services.

Expert support at every step of your digital transformation journey

Digital transformation is an exciting and rewarding process that can transform your organization’s everyday operations for the better. FuseForward is a one stop shop for technology solution development, offering services across the full lifecycle for solution development that includes strategy, architecture, design, development, implementation and operations.

Our strategic consulting and project services support you in your move towards an intelligent digital future. Significant experience in the development of complex systems and pre-built products, templates and methodologies mean we can deliver comprehensive, highly secure IT solutions in less time than required by traditional approaches.

How we work



We look at your current applications, requirements and security profile and develop a strategic implementation plan


Our time-tested products and processes accelerate the delivery of complex cloud, hybrid or on-premise systems.


With years of experience in system integration and cloud delivery, our expertise supports your journey towards innovation.

Consulting and project services

FuseForward is a one stop shop for digital innovation and solutions development. We offer services to support the complete lifecycle of solution development, from architecture and design through to operations supported by a team of highly experienced IT architects, engineers, security experts and analytics professionals. Our services include:

Cloud strategy and planning
  • We develop a strategic implementation plan that ensures the delivery of a cloud system that is tailored to your business priorities.

Cloud application migration
  • We assess the readiness of your current applications for cloud migration, prioritize what needs to be moved first, develop a strategy and determine a business case.

IT system architecture
  • We work with you to develop architecture for cloud, hybrid or on-premise systems that is tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Analytics solution design
  • We assess, design and deliver analytics solutions and data analytics infrastructure that draw valuable insights from your data.

    Learn more about our data and analytics services. 

IT security and compliance
  • We review your current security posture and audit your security architecture to identify potential risks and advise on how to address them.

    Learn more about our cybersecurity services.

Application modernization
  • Rather than replacing systems outright, we extend their lifespan by identifying potential improvements and providing guidance with regards to new approaches.

A Cloud Consulting Company

We have been helping organizations on their journey towards a digital future for over 30 years. FuseForward is a cloud consulting company led by an expert team of senior executives with experience across business, technology development, and complex IT implementations.

Our cloud consultants include business professionals, IT architects, engineers, security experts, and analytics professionals.

Make the most of the cloud with our consulting services

AWS Consulting Partner

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and AWS Advanced Technology Partner of the Amazon Partner Network, we work with the leading public cloud provider to deliver highly secure and compliant online solutions.

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Our team of industry AWS experts, AWS engineers, AWS architects, and AWS developers have achieved Amazon Web Service’s highest level of certification—AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional.

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