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The Digital Twin Pilot Project

Digital Twins are a virtual, digital replica of something in the physical world, such as a building or a complex physical asset. They play a key role in data-based decision making, enabling operators to test various scenarios before actions are taken in the real world.

As the use of IoT becomes more widespread across industries, digital twin technology is becoming more accessible. By partnering with us in the development of a digital twin pilot, you can test the benefits of the technology yourself before embarking on larger projects.


What Projects are Suitable?

We can tackle any kind of digital twin development! All you need is an existing source of operational data—whether that is from SCADA systems, IoT devices, or third-party data sources.


Sample Digital Twin Projects


Small power generation plant

Test effects of turbine replacement


Room in a building

Determine safe capacity levels

Transformer station

Test effectiveness of safety maintenance procedures


Hospital department

Optimize HVAC systems to reduce viral spread

Why Participate in a Pilot?

As a Digital Twin pilot project participant, you’ll get a head start by building on technology we’ve already developed. You will also have access to our research team and potential research funding opportunities.

Most importantly, you will have a say in the development of our digital twin technology and be up and running on the market before your competitors.

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