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We transform your existing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software into a comprehensive intelligent operational asset monitoring system.

Modernize your legacy Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software

When it comes to asset management, today’s practitioners are looking to the future. EAM software is evolving, with asset managers aspiring to develop advanced, intelligent solutions that make use of streaming data, analytics and the latest technology to optimize their operations. But not everyone is ready to build a complex, intelligent system from scratch.

FuseForward sets you on the path towards intelligent asset management by augmenting your existing EAM software. Instead of building a brand new system, we enhance your existing EAM software with data services, cloud management and advanced analytics, helping you develop the foundation for a secure, intelligent asset management solution.

  • Enterprise Asset Management solutions
  • Intelligent asset management
  • EAM security
  • Advanced analytics
  • EAM data management
  • Cloud migration

Supporting you journey towards intelligent asset management



The security of your assets and data are of utmost importance. We can protect your EAM systems and data with our comprehensive, multi-layered security service.

Cloud Operations

We remove the burden of on-premise systems by migrating your EAM software to the cloud. Scalable infrastructure enables you to access and analyze more data.

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Data Management

Our fast and efficient data management systems enable you to ingest streaming data from multiple devices, applications and databases in real-time.

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Intelligent Analytics

By combining advanced analytics with your EAM software and associated data, you can develop a truly intelligent asset management solution.


Products and services that enhance your enterprise asset management software



Security is a key concern for asset-intensive industries and critical service providers. Distributed devices can increase security risks by providing multiple entry points for ill-intentioned actors, while data and business intelligence require enterprise-grade security. Cybersecurity should therefore be your first step on your intelligent asset management journey.

Our experts work with you to provide a secure, private cloud environment for your EAM software and analytics services, enabling you to innovate safe in the knowledge that your technology is secure, compliant and optimized.

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FuseSecure is a fully-managed, cloud security service for your EAM software that meets the needs of regulated industries.



Cloud Operations

Cloud operations are an essential component of your intelligent asset management solution. The cloud provides a flexible and scalable environment that enables you to access and analyze large volumes of data in real-time, from anywhere and on any device. However, many organizations lack the resources necessary to undertake migration and maintain cloud services.

FuseForward migrates existing EAM software, such as IBM Maximo, Infor and SAP, from legacy infrastructure to the cloud, integrating mapping and CAD, smart meters and SCADA for a customized, fully integrated solution.

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The FuseForward Cloud Suite is a three-in-one, ready-made suite of cloud technologies and services that supports the management of EAM applications in the cloud.


Data Management

The number of data sources available to asset managers is growing daily, but only 1% of data collected by critical service providers is ever put to use. Once your EAM software has been migrated to the cloud, we help you make the most of your data by augmenting it with fast and efficient data management systems.

A fully-managed central data repository and data storage environment stores and readies your data for analysis, enabling you to optimize your asset management and build bridges between EAM and organization-wide systems.

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We build and manage powerful analytics solutions that structure and process your organization’s data, enabling intelligent analytics. 



Intelligent Analytics

Intelligent analytics are the final component of an intelligent asset management solution. Analytics can optimize your technology investments, maintain the value of your asset portfolio and increase ROI. However, advanced analysis requires specific skills and tools that are often out of the reach of internal teams, meaning that big data projects sometimes fail to live up to expectations.

We deliver sophisticated projects, such as digital twins, predictive analytics and complex intelligent systems, alongside metrics and reports that provide true value.

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We lead the Intelligent Systems Alliance, a network dedicated to applying advanced analytics and machine learning to critical infrastructure.


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