Smart Campus Solutions

Transform your campus into an intelligent and responsive smart campus environment.


Meet the Demand for a Smart Campus

With the benefits of IoT increasingly present, cities and campuses around the world are taking action to transform their infrastructure. Smart sensors and devices are enabling new capabilities for campuses.

FuseForward’s team of experts specializes in digital transformation, IoT, analytics, and smart city development and are currently leading several smart campus development projects. We provide a range of services that can support the full spectrum of smart infrastructure initiatives.


Our capabilities:

  • Smart campus/city vision and strategy development
  • Digital twin development
  • IoT solution development
  • Advanced analytics, including predictive analytics projects
  • Access to project co-funding and pilot programs


Our Approach


Determine the Vision

We set the vision, and determine the methodology and approach for your smart campus project.


data management

Execute Pilot Project

We work with your team to set up the technology infrastructure and establish key metrics.


Learn and Expand

Learn key insights from the pilot project and expand to include other areas of your campus.


Access the Latest Research

As leaders of the Intelligent Systems Alliance, FuseForward is driving innovative new advances in smart campus technology.

Get Involved

Digital Transformation

An Expert Team

“FuseForward’s technology and expert team have been invaluable to our efforts to prototype new data modelling approaches for IoT Smart Building applications.

As a result of FuseForward’s input, we have significantly decreased the time and effort necessary to deploy new concepts and algorithms.”

Jenn McArthur, Associate Professor, Department of Architectural Science, Toronto Metropolitan University

Proven Success

“The talented and knowledgeable staff at FuseForward have been important players in the success of Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Big Data Initiative.

Their experience and technology have been vital to our success as we collaborate on data-driven solutions to challenging, real-world problems.”

Fred Popowich, Scientific Director, Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Big Data Initiative

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