FuseForward Makes Complexity Simple

Our system for managing complex systems is the first of its kind

FuseForward Founder and CEO Mark Damm is the sole inventor and holder of two patents that outline a unique method for improving and automating the delivery of complex IT systems. They are titled “A Method and System for Managing Complex Systems Knowledge

The patents outline:

  • How to design and configure a complex system using an automated method.
  • How to monitor and automate the control of a complex system, using machine learning. For example, this would be a system that learns to manage itself when needed – e.g. a building adjusting its own temperature.

FuseForward applies the processes outlined in these patents to the design, configuration and operations of complex IT environments, enabling us to deliver our solution five times faster than traditional methods.

The inspiration behind our patents

Mark Damm has a long history in the field of designing and managing complex utility systems, such as energy grids, water distribution systems and transportation networks.

He noticed he was repeating the same project over and over again, and starting from scratch every single time. As a result he created a new method that improved the process for delivering complex systems that forms our patents today.

An Overview of the Process

1. Similar to how an architect will create blueprints for a house, we create various blueprints, or what we call design templates for the delivery of our solutions. We consider the requirements that our clients have using our vast understanding of complex IT environments and a proven implementation approach.

2. We create libraries of automation elements that incorporate all the variables that make up your infrastructure, including:

  • Technologies: could be a server cluster or a unit of assembly, or any kind of prebuilt component.
  • Services: what activities need to get done including design, installation and configuration.
  • Performance information: we look at the technologies and see what they are doing, and how they perform under different circumstances.

3. Finally, we map content libraries to the blueprints, which means we have customizable blueprints that can be configured for our clients’ specific needs.

Our Proven Implementation Approach

Our approach has three steps to ensure that we build an intelligent cloud environment that suites your specific infrastructure and business needs:

  1. We use a client questionnaire to determine the appropriate blueprint to use. This takes into consideration many variables, including number of users, bandwidth requirements, etc.
  2. We develop a bill of materials and pull automation elements from our content library. This is “ready-made” tech that we can plug together.
  3. We follow the blueprint to put the pieces together

Benefits of Our Approach

This cost-effective approach to developing cloud environments comes with many benefits.

  1. Lower your risk: Reduce the risk of project and operational failures when you no longer need to design and build a custom environment and manage it yourself. Our patented approach & ready-made solutions are built with the best-of-breed technologies, and are configured and optimized for your unique and complex operations.
  2. Faster time to delivery: Save time and money with our subscription-based packages that are configured and operational in one-fifth the time of conventional approaches.
  3. Increased security: Relax knowing that your environment is protected by a multi-layered security system that minimizes entry points, increases data privacy through encryption, and controls access with our ISO 27001 compliant security practices.
  4. Power: With our powerful analytics platform, FuseAnalyze, you can easily transform complex data into meaningful actions that will optimize service delivery for your customers.
  5. Free time: You no longer need to coordinate with various vendors and manage an IT team to operate and optimize your environment. You can rely on us for professional implementation and operation of your IT systems so you can focus on what really matters: running your business.

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