Watch Now: Deliver a Disaster Recovery Solution

Watch Now: Deliver a Disaster Recovery Solution

Most organizations know very well that a disaster recovery solution is not a luxury but a requirement. Whether it is a ransomware attack or an earthquake, every organization needs the capability to restore their systems when a disaster strikes.

However, not all organizations have the knowledge, training and resources necessary to deliver a robust disaster recovery solution.


Watch Now: Deliver a Disaster Recovery Solution


To address these concerns, we’ve teamed up with AWS to outline key strategies organizations can use to ensure their systems remain operational. Our presentation outlines:

  • Common disasters and potential threats
  • Disaster planning
  • Disaster recovery: How it works

FuseForward CTO and Founder Mark Damm believes that all organizations must have a contingency plan and measures in place to enable them to continue operations when disaster strikes.

“A ransomware attack or a natural event has the potential to cripple your on-premise infrastructure, which could have a devastating effect on your organization,” says Mark. “Our presentation outlines how we can equip your organization with a robust, fully-managed disaster recovery solution that meets all your requirements.”

Interested in learning how you can effectively implement a disaster recovery solution in the cloud? Our presentation covers the core mechanics and outlines how we can deliver a robust solution that meets all your requirements.


Watch Now: Deliver a Disaster Recovery Solution


This event was held as the second installment of our Breakfast Briefing series, a conversation series for IT leaders interested in learning more about the cloud.

For a full list of our recorded presentations, check out our webinars. We cover a range of topics including cybersecurity, cloud migrations and more.

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