Leading Research into Intelligent Systems

FuseForward leads the Intelligent Systems Alliance, a group of academics and industry experts with a passion for applying advanced analytics to the built environment.

About the Intelligent Systems Alliance

The Intelligent Systems Alliance is a network of university and industry partners that share a common interest in the application of advanced analytics and machine learning to real-world problems.

Led by FuseForward, the Alliance is working to develop solutions that bridge the gap between academia, industry and technology. We currently lead several research projects focused on improving the efficiency and management of buildings, roads and other built infrastructure.

Our Research Partners

The Alliance has been formalized through partnerships with leading academic institutions across North America. Institutions that have participated in our network previously include Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University), York and Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia and the University of Northern British Columbia.

Current Members

Our Projects

digital twin

Toronto Metropolitan University Smart Campus

Objective: Our vision is to transform  Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) into a Smart Campus—an environment where all elements are optimized based on data.

Overview: A building within the campus has been equipped with sensors that provide real-time, streaming data. Data comes from HVAC units such as heating and water systems, while drones and cameras monitor buildings, traffic and more. The data collected from this building will inform the development of a Smart Campus Digital Twin—a digital simulation of the entire campus. Further research will focus on transforming large streaming data sets into actionable performance information.

Real-time Data Optimization

Objective:  Improve the way streaming data is collected and managed across infrastructure.

Overview: This project with York University focused on the development of new analytical methods for streaming data. These methods were used to optimize the operation of a variety of assets and industries. A cloud platform with the ability to support real-time data collection and analysis was developed as part of this work.

Big Data Professional Program

Objective: We collaborate with the SFU Big Data researchers to deliver data-driven solutions to real-world problems.

Overview: Participants in this program support FuseForward’s work across the Intelligent Systems Alliance. Work to date has been focused on the collection and analysis of streaming data, with an emphasis on the visualization of advanced analytics.

Interested in Participating in the Network?

We are looking for new industry or academic partners that can help us achieve our goals. By participating in our network, you will be able to apply real-time and predictive analytics to your operations, and also implement new, innovative control systems.