FuseForward makes complexity simple

We make complexity simple by providing insights from facility, asset and workforce data through an intelligent, data-driven, AI/ML-based, real-time facility performance and analytics platform called FuseCommand.

FuseCommand provides a single-pane command center view of complex multi-facility asset and workforce data using a digital twin interface that enables monitoring, situational analysis, forecasting and predictions, helping managers, operators, and planners to optimize operations and asset management.

We have 25 years of experience in the implementation of innovative solutions for complex asset-heavy critical industries and public sector clients with distributed infrastructure and facilities, such as cities, utilities, higher education campuses, healthcare, government and defence. ​

We lead the Intelligent Systems Alliance Research Network, a network of academics and industry experts with a passion for applying advanced analytics to concrete, real-world needs within the built environment.

We’ve been at the forefront of the shift to the cloud since it began, overseeing some of the earliest enterprise cloud migrations.

With a background in system integration, we know the challenges enterprise companies face when they move to the cloud, including sourcing from multiple vendors. We wanted to make this process faster and easier for our clients and set off to develop a new solution.

The FuseForward Cloud Suite is that solution. Using our patented ISO 27001 certified methods for managing complex systems, FuseForward has managed to develop a fast, cost-effective way of securely migrating to and operating in the cloud. We’ve used this process to deliver cloud environments to a diverse range of industries, from cities through to large utilities, manufacturing, sales, and service organizations.

Our rapidly growing company is headquartered in Canada, with presences in UK & South Africa but we conduct business across the globe. Today you can find our technology in use in Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa.

FuseForward Mission

We aim to make complexity simple with automated IT systems and processes. We think big; our ultimate dream is to one day help build an intelligent city on the moon. However, we’re also practical, and on a day-to-day basis, our ultimate goal is to make your business run better.

Some of the things that make FuseForward different:

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