Facility & Workforce Analytics Platform
FuseProServices Professional services for Integration & Analysis
FuseManage Managed Services & ongoing support
FuseCloudSuite Cloud Application Suite
FuseProServices Professional Services for Integration & Analysis
FuseManage Managed Services & ongoing support
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We make complexity simple
by providing insights from facility, asset, & workforce data

FuseForward makes complexity simple for critical infrastructure, providing solutions & services for: Facility, Asset and Workforce Data, Analytics, Professional Services, Consulting, Managed Services, Managed Security, and Cloud Management.

We have 30 years of experience in the implementation of innovative solutions for asset-heavy industries and lead the Intelligent Systems Alliance Research Network, a network of academics and industry experts with a passion for applying advanced analytics to concrete, real-world needs within the built environment.

Products & Services

FuseCloudSuite Cloud Application Suite: Secure, Control, Analyze


FuseCloud Application Suite is a subscription-based solution enabling businesses to rapidly & securely move applications to the cloud.

Key Benefits


Our patented approach enables us to configure, deploy and operate application workloads on the cloud 5x faster than traditional approaches.

Operated & Maintained

We continuously operate and maintain your application environment for you, and manage vendor partnerships, so you have time for what matters: your business.

Cost Certainty

Our application suite is available on a subscription basis, with options to pay only for what you need. This reduces the risk of your project running over cost.

FuseProServices: Professional Services Integration & Analysis


FuseProServices unlocks the power of your data with professional services for ​integration & analysis: Cloud consulting, data migration, business intelligence, advanced analytics, data science, prediction, AI & ML.


Solution Consulting Services

Plan your digital solution. Our consulting services help you plan your infrastructure, and solution requirements. The world of technology is a large, complicated, fast, and constantly changing space. Our experienced solution architects make planning simple.

Data Migration Services

Accelerate your digital transformation. Our data migration services are ideal for making a digital transformation that is fast, impactful, and resilient. Our experienced cloud architects make migrating data, systems, and applications to the cloud simple.

Data Integration Services

Integrate data silos. Our data integration services are ideal to help you take complex disparate systems, and apply ETL processes to ingest and normalize data from multiple sources into a standardized data lake so that it all works together. Our experienced data integration team makes consolidating data simple.

Business Intelligence Services

Get real-time KPIs and dashboards. Our business intelligence services help you see what is happening quickly, easily, and in one place. Our experienced business intelligence team makes showing results simple.

Advanced Analytics Services

Get clear insights from advanced analytics. Our advanced analytics services help you get actionable insights from your data. Our experienced analytics team makes analysis simple.

Data Science Services

Go beyond analytics into in-depth data science. Our data science research services help you conduct deeper research that goes beyond showing "what" happened to understanding "why". Our experienced research team makes data science simple.

AI & ML Services

Learn from your data, predict the future. Our AI & ML services help you build & train AI and ML systems that understand subtle patterns in your data to react faster to the present and help predict what will happen next. Our experienced team makes AI & ML and prediction modeling simple.

FuseManage Managed Services & ongoing support


Simplify the security and support of your digital infrastructure with FuseManage, our managed services & managed security solution for uninterrupted business operations and fortified data protection.

Managed Services Features

Proactive Support

Your subscription to the FuseForward Suite includes proactive support. Not only are our technologies ready-made for an easy migration to the cloud, but FuseForward continues to maintain and operate your cloud environment for you.

One Vendor to Deal With

Instead of dealing with multiple vendors across your environment, you only need to deal with one—FuseForward.

Our Fully Managed Approach

We offer a range of ongoing maintenance and support services. Our Service Level Agreements for managed services range from support through to 24x7 service with additional SLAs.

Operations Centre

Includes monitoring, maintenance, and management of the environment and related services, such as user access, entitlements management, and network traffic. We monitor the cloud environment capacity and the health of your infrastructure. This includes server patching and network traffic supervision.

Online Service Desk

Customers can communicate with our team through different channels, report or troubleshoot issues and make change requests.

Out of Hours Emergency Support

In case of any incidents or alerts requiring immediate intervention to the cloud environment.

Managed Services Benefits

Multi-level Security

We protect your application workloads with a comprehensive, multi-layered approach, supported by continuous monitoring by a team of experts using ISO 27001 compliant procedures.

Simplified Vendor Management

The average enterprise manages multiple security vendors sourced from a complex, ever-changing ecosystem. We manage your vendor partnerships, so you can focus on your business.

Performance Insight

We bring your application performance data together in one place, providing the foundation to develop dashboards and analytics that meet your needs.

Managed Security Features

Assessment & Compliance

We help you protect your organization’s assets by reviewing your current security posture, identifying potential risks and defining the right processes and technology to address them. Includes current state and compliance assessment, architecture evaluation, architecture strategy and delivery.

System Implementation

We support you in refining your target security environment and implementing effective cybersecurity practices and solutions across your organization. Includes culture and process implementation, security configuration and deployment. 

Security Operations Centre

Staffed by a team of highly-skilled information security and technology professionals, the FuseForward Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides organizations with round-the-clock operations, security, cloud and network support. We act as an extension of your IT team and give you the peace of mind to focus on what's important for your organization, with services that include:

  • Security incident response services
  • Penetration testing services
  • 24/7 operations, 365 days a year

Research Network - Become a Partner

We harness streaming data from devices to optimize facility management.
We value collaboration and are committed to building strong partnerships.
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BCIT Smart Campus Intiative

BCIT Smart Campus Initiative

FuseForward has been engaged to provide consulting services and support for BCIT's ‘Smart Campus Initiative’.

Kevin FitzPatrick - Managing Director, UK and Ireland
Innovation Fund Announcement

Supporting Smart Campus Research

We are supporting the development of a new lab that will enable advanced testing of smart building technology.

Kevin FitzPatrick - Managing Director, UK and Ireland
Ryerson Smart Campus

TMU's Plan for a Smart Campus

Discover how FuseForward is transforming Toronto Metropolitan University into an innovative smart campus.

Kevin FitzPatrick - Managing Director, UK and Ireland
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