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We provide innovative secure and stable cloud solutions & services for the higher education & research industries to enable digital transformation. We accelerate the delivery of digital services for education providers, so that you can focus on the delivery of quality education.

Online learning is removing barriers and making high-quality education accessible to more and more people across the world. But with increasing numbers of users come greater responsibilities for providers, who not only have to ensure the stability and reliability of their services, but also protect their infrastructure and learners from attack.

At the same time, data and analytics are opening a world of possibilities for research. FuseForward provides educators and institutions with powerful, stable and secure solutions that help them create safe environments for their learners and focus, provide high quality services and gather valuable insights.

  • Smart Campus
  • Fully-managed online learning services
  • Advanced research computing
  • Security consulting services
  • Compatible with data residency requirements
  • Virtual research labs

What We Bring to Higher Education & Research Providers


Integration and delivery of any learning management solution, student collaboration environment or online class hosting service.


High performance technology solutions and secure environments for data and collaboration support academic research.


Comprehensive end-to-end security services ensure the safety of your data and infrastructure through a patented FuseForward security product and expert support.


A wide range of services and collaboration with industry leaders and academics make us an ideal partner for education and research providers.

Higher Education & Research Solutions


A sharp increase in the number of online users makes universities, research labs and other education providers a potential target for cybercriminals. We work with you to protect your data and create a safe environment for learning with security services that are tailored to the needs of education sector, including:

  • Cybersecurity consulting
  • Cybersecurity implementation
  • Cybersecurity operations services

Our solution: FuseSecure

FuseSecure is a fully-managed security service that protects your applications on cloud or on-premise. Combining over a dozen security products with patented FuseForward technology, FuseSecure received the highest possible security rating during penetration tests carried out by a leading cybersecurity firm.

The data and systems we deliver meet industry and government regulations, including data residency requirements, in every location we operate in. All processes are ISO 27001 certified and are POPI-, GDPR- and PIPEDA-compliant.

Find out more about how FuseForward can help you protect your learners.

Deployment of Online Learning Services

Cloud-based solutions can provide powerful environments for online learning while reducing infrastructure costs. But the migration, operation and maintenance of education services online can require IT resources on a scale that may not be available to many institutions. We support the secure remote delivery of various educational services and the integration of legacy software and tools to provide customized enterprise solutions that help you offer the highest quality services.

We support education institutions, from K-12 through to universities, in the secure online delivery of:

  • Learning management systems
  • Student collaboration environments
  • Class hosting services

Find out more about how we can create a comprehensive solution that fits your learners’ needs with integrated online learning services.

Advanced Analytics Solutions

Analytics are key to creating optimized learning environments that help students make the most of themselves. Data can not only help providers understand the way students go about the learning process, but also help campuses optimize operations, environmental performance, transportation and energy costs and offer advanced learning environments such as virtual training simulators.

As leaders of the Intelligent Systems Alliance, we are passionate about developing innovative new solutions for applying advanced analytics to education. We create and integrate predictive analytics and machine learning, including:

  • Analysis of learning requirements
  • Data ingestion and data marts
  • Unstructured data analysis

Find out about our work with the Intelligent Systems Alliance.

Virtual Research Labs

We provide a range of technology solutions that support academic research, including access to high performance computing (HPC), secure environments for research data and collaboration and management of large datasets. Our virtual research lab offer includes:

  • HPC for lab users​
  • Data commons: having anonymized data brought in by different organizations
  • Cloud analytics services​
  • Ontology modelling

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