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With the benefits of IoT increasingly present, cities around the world are taking action to transform their infrastructure. Smart sensors and devices are enabling new capabilities, helping cities reimagine how they develop and improve urban services.

FuseForward’s team of experts specializes in digital transformation, IoT, analytics, and smart city development. We provide a range of services that can support the full spectrum of smart infrastructure initiatives and are currently leading several smart development projects.

We help identify opportunities for innovation, cost savings, and ways to ensure that smart city projects deliver the right results. Regardless of the size of the city or project, our collaborative approach delivers total transparency and guaranteed success.

Our capabilities:

Smart city vision and strategy development

The clever application of technology in urban areas can allow governments to serve citizens better while allowing citizens to engage more effectively with the urban environment. We help you develop the vision and the strategy that help make this a reality.

Digital twin development

Digital Twins, which are digital representations of physical assets, deliver immediate benefits to cities looking to lower costs, optimize processes, and innovate. We have created an optimized workflow for 3D modeling and visualization that allows cities to take urban management to a new level.

IoT solution development

From smart utility meters to connected traffic lights and automated parkades, cities are controlling and automating their systems through internet-connected devices. We help you create a set of dynamically connected smart systems that will help you take smart city management to the next level.

Advanced analytics, including predictive analytics projects

A smart city is a connected city, powered by data sharing among various stakeholders, city service providers, government administrators, and the citizens. We help make all the different elements that make your city smart work together through a platform that accumulates, shares, detects, analyzes, anticipates, and acts upon the collective smart city data.

Access to project co-funding and pilot programs

Our extensive experience and partnerships allow us to help arrange funding for your smart city projects.

Our Approach


Determine the Vision

We set the vision and determine the methodology and approach for your smart city project.

data management

Execute Pilot Project

We work with your team to set up the technology infrastructure and establish key metrics.

Learn & Expand

Learn key insights from the pilot project and expand to include other areas of your city.

Smart City Case Studies

Bicycle share London

Smart Transportation Solution for London

Transport for London (TfL) and Serco partnered with FuseForward to create a smart data platform that enables real-time management of London’s world-class cycle hire scheme.

Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson) Smart Campus Urban Data Platform

When Toronto Metropolitan University (previously Ryerson University) wanted to bring all the data from its disparate IoT systems together to gain new insights, it partnered with FuseForward to create an urban data platform to support its smart campus initiative.

Access the Latest Research

As leaders of the Intelligent Systems Alliance, FuseForward is driving innovative new advances in smart city technology.

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