Enable a Remote Workforce, Quickly
By delivering your applications securely from the cloud, we can help you enable your remote workforce

Delivering Business Continuity in the Cloud

Businesses are facing unprecedented demand to operate online. You can provide business continuity for your workforce by delivering your applications securely from the cloud.

We provide, and manage, all of the technology you need to securely deliver your applications in the cloud with one product, the FuseForward Cloud Suite. Our approach enables us to get your applications online quickly, without the need for time-consuming consulting projects—and the best part? We continue to operate it for you.

Benefits of Our Approach


Our services are 100% remote. We assess, deliver and monitor your cloud environment without requiring in-person contact.


We provide comprehensive cloud security that is suitable for mission critical and sensitive applications.


We can move quickly to meet your needs - it takes just a matter of days for us to move an application to the cloud.

Challenges We Address

remote work
remote work

✔   Security: We provide a multi-layered security service, supported by monitoring and maintenance.

✔   Data residency: We can keep your data within Canada (or your chosen geographic region).

✔   Operational expertise: We expertly monitor and manage your applications, so you don’t have to.

✔   Cost: The total cost of ownership of the cloud is dramatically less than on-premise services.

✔   Budget uncertainty: Pay for only what you need and know your costs with a fixed subscription fee.

Key Features

Identity and Access Management

We give you the ability to control and manage all employee privileges from a central dashboard.

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on means you can securely access applications from one place, with one log-in – just like you would in the office.

Connectivity and VPN

We configure and manage your VPN connections, providing reliable and secure connections for your staff.

Virtual Desktops

We manage and maintain secure, virtual desktops so your staff can conduct work securely from any device.

Benefits for Your Business

By moving your workforce applications in the cloud, you can solve a number of emerging business challenges.

  • Enable a remote workforce
  • Enable remote IT systems management
  • Deliver online services to customers
  • Move away from dated on-premise infrastructure

How to Get Started

The FuseForward Cloud Suite is available on an annual subscription basis. Once you’ve made contact, we will assess your requirements and recommend one of our packages—Value, Standard or Premium—to create an environment that is exactly tailored to meet your needs and budget.
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