Turn your raw data into valuable business insights using analytics

Powerful cloud data & analytics solutions & services that turn raw data into valuable business insights

Advanced analytics have the power to turn complex data into actionable insights. But to make that happen, the data used needs to be clean, accurate and fast. FuseForward builds and manages powerful analytics solutions that structure and process your organization’s data, enabling your analytics team to turn it into tangible outcomes and valuable business decisions.

  • Data ingestion
  • Data storage management
  • Real-time insights
  • Digital twins
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data calculation engine

We can prepare your data for advanced analytics

Data ingestion

Data ingestion

Fast and efficient data management systems that help you ingest large volumes of data from IoT devices, as well as applications and databases, in real-time.

Includes data enrichment, transformation and normalization.

data management

Data management

Swift delivery of fully managed central data repositories and data storage environments that prepare and keep datasets ready for analysis.

Includes operational data stores, data lakes, data marts.

calculation engine

Calculation engine

FuseForward’s powerful, pre-built data calculation engine extracts valuable insights from high volume datasets quickly, without affecting application performance.

Provides powerful calculation ability, real-time insights and is highly configurable.

data visualization

Data visualization

Multiple data sources are brought together in a 360° environment that facilitates data access, analysis and manipulation.

Includes single analytics interface, KPI dashboards, data scientist workbenches.

Our advanced analytics solutions

Digital twins

In critical industries such as healthcare, businesses need to be able to test scenarios before taking real-world action. Digital twins are virtual replicas of physical assets, such as buildings and complex infrastructure, that support important decision-making while limiting costs and eliminating risk to assets or personnel.

Pilot a digital twin

By participating in a pilot project, you can test the benefits of digital twin technology yourself, before embarking on larger projects. You’ll also have access to our research team and potential research funding opportunities.

Participate in a pilot project


Ryerson university smart campus

Discover how we are building the Ryerson Smart Campus, using digital twin technology.

Intelligent systems

FuseForward provides critical service providers, including energy, education and healthcare providers, with comprehensive systems that collate, analyze and display multiple data sources in order to deliver a real-time view of industrial performance and operations in a single interface.  This enables:

  • A real-time overview of performance
  • Optimization of performance and operations using machine learning

intelligent system bike share

Find out how we helped a major ride share network improve performance and optimize operations.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics help enterprises across all industries predict potential business outcomes (such as the number of diners a restaurant can expect on a rainy Saturday evening when there’s a game on).

We bring together, process and store data from multiple sources, including IoT devices, in preparation for advanced predictive analytics calculations.

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