A Data-driven AI/ML-based Intelligent Decision Support Platform

Multi-facility environments such as cities, universities, utilities, hospitals, mines, industrial plants, and other facilities need to provide thousands of daily users with safe, comfortable, and efficient surroundings. Complex infrastructure, multiple data sources, and complicated regulatory environments make this a challenge.

The FuseCommand facility analytics platform for multi-facility environments enables asset-focused and building-heavy organizations to optimize utilities, transportation, building use, and user behavior through advanced data services and analytics expertise rendered in a comprehensive, single-pane command center view that provides real-time performance monitoring, real-time analytics & forecasting via an intuitive digital twin interface.

Key Features

Real Time Performance Monitoring

Provides real-time visibility and insights

Situational Analysis

Enables data-led decision-making

Intelligent Forecasting & Planning

Predicts issues before they happen



Our patented approach enables delivery of sophisticated projects in months rather than years.

Predictive Pricing

We offer subscription-based, multi-tenant, and dedicated options, meaning you’ll always know how much you’re spending.

Get a Unified View of Facility Data

Any Type of Data

  • Energy
  • Air
  • Water/Wastewater
  • Resources
  • Environment
  • People

Unlimited Sources

  • Platform agnostic
  • Legacy EAM, ERP, Scada, BMS
  • IoT devices & sensors

Single Pane of Glass

  • Collect, normalize & visualize data
  • 3D facility digital twin
  • Managers get real-time view
  • Operators view details directly in 3D
  • Planners analyze for future scenarios

Making multi-building complexes healthy & safe

Information streamed from multiple data points, assets, and building complexes enables managers to ensure locations remain clean, ventilated, and uncongested.

  • Digital twin for constant 360° visualization of a physical asset
  • Remote air quality, occupancy, & hazard monitoring
  • Real-time alerts enable intervention as soon as required

Ensure efficiency, sustainability & cost-effectiveness for ESG

Real-time data coupled with performance analytics helps building managers meet ESG goals while reducing operational, environmental, and maintenance costs.

  • Ingest & analyze large volumes of data from a wide variety of sources
  • Facilitate achievement of energy consumption & ESG goals
  • Provide a comprehensive overview of building performance & spend

Pilot a Digital Twin

Enable optimal operational performance

Predicted performance analytics and historical analysis identify potential issues and maintenance needs ahead of time, minimizing disruption and increasing asset lifespan.

  • Enable system operations management in real-time
  • Optimize staff time & reduces maintenance costs
  • Improve asset reliability

The Command Center Solution

  • Management console, operator workbench, planner tool: Multiple views for different users
  • Digital twins: provides an inuitive and interactive 3D experience
  • Real-time single pane visibility into performance, process efficiency and asset management


Real-time Dashboard


KPI Reporting & analytics


AI/ML & modeling

Built on a
Digital Twin Architecture

Analytics Platform

  • Unlimited data ingestion from 100,000+ sources
  • AI/ML simulation & prediction
  • Governance layer for greater control and consistency

Cloud Platform

  • Data lake or data commons storage, network, compute and edge services
  • Secure migration, management, and operation of application workloads
  • Safe cloud environment for data and applications
  • ISO 27001 compliant, military grade security system enabling access control, single sign-on & multi-factor authentication

Command Center Analytics Case Studies

Smart Transportation Solution for London

Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson) Smart Campus Urban Data Platform

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