Secure, Control, & Analyze your Cloud

What is FuseCloud?

The FuseCloud Application Suite is a secure private cloud environment that contains three products: FuseSecure, FuseControl, and FuseAnalyze. Available on a subscription-basis, this ready-made suite of cloud technologies and services helps enterprises simplify operations.

The patented technologies in the FuseCloud Application Suite enable us to securely migrate, manage, and operate application workloads on the cloud five times faster than conventional approaches. We then continue to maintain and operate the FuseCloud Application Suite as a fully-managed service.


FuseSecure is a fully-managed, cloud security service for your applications on the cloud. Instead of sourcing, configuring and operating technology from multiple vendors, FuseSecure delivers everything you need in one pre-packaged service. And the best part—we operate it for you.


FuseControl is a pre-configured cloud management system that enables you to effectively deploy, control and monitor various applications and application workloads on the cloud—all from a unified, easy to use administration console.


FuseAnalyze brings together the data and technology you need to enable your own advanced analytics service in one solution, which we proactively manage and maintain for you.

Key Benefits


Our patented approach enables us to configure, deploy and operate application workloads on the cloud 5x faster than traditional approaches.

Operated & Maintained

We continuously operate and maintain your application environment for you, and manage vendor partnerships, so you have time for what matters: your business.

Cost Certainty

Our application suite is available on a subscription basis, with options to pay only for what you need. This reduces the risk of your project running over cost.


FuseSecure protects your application workloads with a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to perimeter security, access control, and data encryption, supported by continuous monitoring by a team of experts using ISO...

Features of FuseSecure

Shared Responsibility Coverage

Our comprehensive, multi-layered approach to security addresses all aspects of your shared responsibility to secure your applications on the cloud.

Private Network Connection

We can connect your environment using a private physical network connection, ensuring your data never touches the public internet.

Continuously Monitored

Your environment is continuously monitored for threats and proactively managed by our team of experts, decreasing the risk of a potential breach.

Military-grade Encryption

We follow a robust data classification system, applying military-grade (AES 256) encryption where needed. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Built-in Access Control

We control access to your environment with multi-factor authentication, single sign-on and strict policy-driven processes for privileged users.

Managed Security Services

We provide a range of managed security services, including encryption key rotation, data back-up, user access and entitlements management.

ISO27001 Certified

FuseForward holds ISO 27001 certification. This ensures the security processes and procedures we follow meet the strict standards of industries like transportation and utilities.

Proven and Tested

Our security perimeter received the highest possible security rating during penetration tests by a leading cybersecurity firm.

Fuse Control


The patented templates and technologies in the FuseForward Cloud Suite enable us to quickly and securely migrate, configure, manage, and operate application workloads in a customer’s private cloud five...


Faster Application Deployment

Our proven deployment templates and automation technologies enable applications to be configured, integrated and provisioned much faster than traditional methods.

Control the Application Lifecycle

FuseControl gives you the ability to control the full life-cycle of an application from design through to operations, with an easy to use, unified dashboard.

Monitor Workload Performance

The monitoring agents embedded in FuseControl collect and report on a variety of data including performance metrics, event logs and trace information.

Data Integration Services

We use proven integration templates, and scale our technologies using microservices architecture, enabling applications to be integrated in a matter of days.

Built-in Warning Systems

We’ve built in multi-layered systems to automatically warn administrators of potential problems, so you can deal with issues before anything goes wrong.

Unified View of Applications

The FuseControl technology provides a unified view of all your applications, integrations and data services to enable real-time application performance management.

Master Data Management

We link siloed data sources to integrate applications and improve communications between them so you can get the most out of these technologies and improve your business.

Business Continuity

FuseControl is not tied to a single data centre, so there is no single point of failure. We can provide multi-region deployment depending on your business requirements.


FuseAnalyze provides an analytics environment that enables you to ingest any data source and aggregate data, conduct real-time calculations and obtain a comprehensive view of real-time indicators and performance...


Unified View of Performance

We ingest multiple sources of data from across your applications, middleware and infrastructure, enabling you to monitor your complete environment from a single dashboard.

Performance Optimization

We take the guesswork out of management, providing a unified, real-time view of your cloud environment so you can effectively optimize your costs.

Streaming Data Analysis

FuseAnalyze can handle streaming data and calculate analytics information as it happens (real-time), delivering up to the minute IT performance information to your dashboard.

Fast Dashboard Delivery

We know the performance indicators that IT operators can act on and can deliver analytic solutions that meet IT needs quickly.

Bring Your Own Dashboard Applications

You can use any business intelligence dashboard application with our service, for example Qlik or Tableau, or you have the option to use our dashboard.

Tackle Any Big Data Problem

FuseAnalyze provides the technical foundation for you to ingest, connect and analyze any data source, giving you the ability to effectively analyze any area of your business.

Industry Expertise

We have years of experience delivering major IT and analytics projects for critical service providers.

Simplified Approach

We simplify complex project delivery with our patented process that draws on templates and automation.

Strong Partnerships

We partner with leading technology providers, including AWS, and manage their services for you.

Secure Services

We lock systems down with our comprehensive security service, ISO 27001 certified processes and our thriving security culture.

The FuseForward Approach

Moving or operating an application to the cloud is more complex than simply migrating a workload or application programming to a public cloud provider. There are many other important considerations that must be accounted for, such as security services, data services, integration and performance monitoring, just to name a few. To successfully and safely migrate an application, a complex IT project has traditionally been required.

FuseForward’s approach has simplified this complexity. Our patented, templated technologies enable us to eliminate lengthy design and build processes. Similar to how an architect creates blueprints for a house, we create design templates for the delivery of our solutions. This means we can get you up and running in 20% of the time of traditional approaches.

Do it Yourself
  • Multiple vendors involved
  • Large capital investment
  • Custom design creates risk
  • Must source and test all components
  • Must build all integrations
  • Provision infrastructure environment
  • Long build times
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • One vendor: FuseForward
  • No capital investment
  • Templated, proven approach
  • Best-of-breed components
  • Ready-made using patented systems
  • Environment provisioned for you
  • Deployed in a fraction of time & cost
  • We operate and maintain it for you

Case Studies

Urban Cycle Hire Platform Uses Managed Security Services

City Services Portal Protected by Managed Security Services

Lottery Application Protected by Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services for Property Management

Cashco Financial Cloud Migration

Modernize Property Management Services

Cashco Financial Cloud Migration

Destination BC – Managed Services

Enable Real-Time Ride-Share Operations

Managed Services

FuseCloud is delivered as a subscription service with ongoing maintenance and monitoring services, along with a range of managed services based on your needs. We offer an online service desk and named account contact, enabling communication with our team to report issues and make change requests. This enables us to act as an extension of your IT department.
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Flexibility & Control

FuseCloud is available on an annual subscription basis in three packages, Value, Standard, Premium. This approach provides the flexibility to choose the features that meet your needs, while eliminating the need for a lengthy design and build process. Once you contact us, we will assess your requirements and recommend a package that suits your needs and budget.
  • SMB cloud deployment
  • Web applications
  • Basic industry compliant
  • Small cloud workloads
  • Time-driven monitoring, scaling
  • Internet network connectivity
  • Dept. cloud deployment
  • Departmental applications
  • Basic industry compliant
  • Medium cloud workloads
  • Time-driven monitoring, scaling
  • HW-VPN network connectivity
  • Enterprise cloud deployments
  • Enterprise applications
  • Industry standard regulatory compliant
  • Large cloud workloads
  • Event driven monitoring, scaling
  • HW Direct network connectivity

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