Migrate & Manage Enterprise Workloads on AWS

Migrate & Manage Enterprise Workloads on AWS

We had a lot of great conversations during the AWS Summit in Toronto—and also received a lot of questions about running enterprise applications on AWS.

In response, we hosted a webinar that addressed the key issues you need to be aware of when running enterprise applications on AWS.


FuseForward CEO/CTO Mark Damm will walk you through how to address the issues you will encounter running enterprise applications on AWS. You will learn:

  • The key issues you need to address.
  • The tools and technology required.
  • How to use automation to speed deployment times.
  • How to assess application readiness.
  • How to best manage workloads

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About Mark Damm

Mark Damm

With over 30 years’ experience implementing and operating complex systems for critical infrastructure providers, such as cities and utilities, Mark Damm is extremely well-versed in the architecture, development and deployment of complex IT solutions. He is also the inventor of a patented method for automating the delivery of cloud environments.

About FuseForward

FuseForward is an AWS Select Consulting Partner that provides secure cloud environments, AWS managed services and technology solutions for public sector and enterprise customers.

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, FuseForward provides AWS managed services to customers in Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and other Canadian regions. We also serve customers’ around the world from our offices in North America, Europe and South Africa.

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