FuseSecure: Simplify Your Cloud Security

FuseSecure is a fully-managed, cloud security service for your applications on the cloud. Instead of sourcing, configuring and operating technology from multiple vendors, FuseSecure delivers everything you need in one pre-packaged service. And the best part—we operate it for you.

Enhanced, Managed Security for the Cloud

When you make the move to the cloud, you benefit from infrastructure built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. But your security responsibilities do not stop there.

Addressing Your Shared Responsibility for Security

When it comes to the cloud, you have a shared responsibility for security. The cloud provider is responsible for “security of the cloud”, while you are responsible for your “security in the cloud.” FuseSecure brings together more than a dozen security products, and our own technology, to address the bulk of your shared responsibility needs.

FuseSecure addresses your shared responsibility for application security on the cloud, protecting your application workloads with a comprehensive, multi-layered security service and continuous monitoring.

FuseSecure provides everything you need to secure workloads within one service, which we proactively manage and operate. Our team of experts work to continuously upgrade and optimize FuseSecure, so you can focus on what matters: improving your business.

Multi-Layered Approach to Security

FuseSecure has a multi-layered approach to security, providing superior threat protection. Working together these layers of security provide an impenetrable defense against intruders.

Perimeter Layer
The perimeter protects against external threats. It inspects traffic for threats such as malicious attacks, including DDOS attacks. The perimeter layer includes connectivity options, firewalls and access control lists.

User Access Layer
The user access layer ensures that users can only access information that they are entitled to. Segregates user stores and controls access for end users, privileged users and external users. This layer includes authentication and authorization services, single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

Data Encryption
We encrypt data at rest and in transit. We follow a stringent data classification system and configure and manage the encryption functionality according to these standards.

Features of FuseSecure

Shared Responsibility Coverage

Our comprehensive, multi-layered approach to security addresses all aspects of your shared responsibility to secure your applications on the cloud.

Private Network Connection

We can connect your environment using a private physical network connection, ensuring your data never touches the public internet.

Continuously Monitored

Your environment is continuously monitored for threats and proactively managed by our team of experts, decreasing the risk of a potential breach.

Military-grade Encryption

We follow a robust data classification system, applying military-grade (AES 256) encryption where needed. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Built-in Access Control

We control access to your environment with multi-factor authentication, single sign-on and strict policy-driven processes for privileged users.

Managed Security Services

We provide a range of managed security services, including encryption key rotation, data back-up, user access and entitlements management.

ISO27001 Certified

FuseForward holds ISO 27001 certification. This ensures the security processes and procedures we follow meet the strict standards of industries like transportation and utilities.

Proven and Tested

Our security perimeter received the highest possible security rating during penetration tests by a leading cybersecurity firm.

FuseSecure Product Features

FuseSecure – Application Security AWSValueStandardPremium
Perimeter Security
Perimeter firewall
Intrusion detection & prevention
DDoS protection & IP whitelisting
Data Encryption
Private trusted certificates for AWS
Public trusted certificatesOptional
Privileged and End User Access Services
Access control for external systems
Privileged user management & multi-factor authentication
Privileged user entitlements with a virtual desktop135
Federated identity management for end users for single sign on (SSO)
End user application entitlements1503001000
End user multi-factor authenticationOptionalOptionalOptional
Security Administrator Services
Security Administrator entitlements with multi-factor authentication
Security operations console
Security KPI dashboard
Security alerts and alarms
Security event reporting
Privileged user login reporting
End-user login reporting
AWS Regions Supported
North America (Canada, Oregon, California, Ohio, Virginia)
Europe (Ireland, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Stockholm)
Private Cloud Internal Network Connectivity
Virtual private clouds (production, non-production)123
Application environments (dev, test, production)3510
Management Tools and Services
Application access (FuseConsole)135
FuseSecure – Network Connectivity Features
Virtual private network (two VPN tunnels included)
FuseForward Cloud Connect (direct connect – single 200 Mbps included)Optional

FuseSecure Datasheet

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Connectivity Options

We provide three connectivity options to access your environment via FuseSecure.

They are:

  1. Secure end-user access
  2. Site-to-Site Virtual Private network
  3. Dedicated network connection using FuseForward Cloud Connect

FuseForward Cloud Connect

Using FuseForward Cloud Connect, we can provide a dedicated network connection direct from your premises to one of our regional cloud hubs.

FuseForward Cloud Connect provides enhanced compliance for various regulations by ensuring your data never touches the public internet. We can also ensure residency compliance where required.

FuseForward Security Services

We offer a range of security services such as security assessments, security implementations and certifications and security operations and management. Contact our security experts to learn more about FuseForward Security Services.
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