Managed Disaster Recovery on AWS

We provide a cost effective, cloud-based disaster recovery service for anyone that needs to guarantee the continuous delivery of their IT services.


Trust your Disaster Recovery to AWS Certified Experts

Data loss and downtime are major worries for any IT team. While you want to take every measure to reduce this risk, budget and resources often restrict you—in some cases leaving you unprotected.

Our cost-effective disaster recovery environments are fully-managed by our team of AWS certified professionals, giving you confidence that your service will be there when you need it most.

Benefits of our Disaster Recovery Service


We set-up, monitor and test your AWS recovery environment and provide 24/7 support.


With DR in the cloud, you only pay for your full recovery environment when you actually need it.

Highly secure

We meet enterprise-grade security needs. Your data is encrypted in-transit and at rest.

Supported by Leading Technology


Our disaster recovery service incorporates AWS CloudEndure, which uses continuous replication and automation to ensure minimal back-up and recovery times, while reducing traditional DR expenses.

We provide secure and reliable recovery environment hosting with AWS. Our team of AWS certified experts set-up, monitor and test your environment regularly, and can provide 24/7 support and incident resolution.


Powered by AWS

CloudEndure with AWS

Key Features



Continuous data protection

We continuously back-up your data, so you can recover your systems to within seconds.


Minimal downtime

We deliver sub-second Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs), and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) of minutes.


Point-in-time recovery

We recover environments to a specific point in time, saving systems that have been corrupted.


Supports any application

We provide disaster recovery for all workloads, including databases and legacy applications.


Disaster Recovery Datasheet

Get a complete overview of our disaster recovery service.
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Video: Disaster Recovery on AWS

We've teamed up with AWS to show you how you can use the cloud to guarantee the continuous delivery of your IT services.
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