Leading Research into Big Data

FuseForward has a long-standing interest in making the most of streaming data from smart devices and sensors and we have partnered with academia and other experts in the field in pursuit of the best possible applications for this data. These partnerships brought about the Intelligent Systems Research Network, a team of professionals with an interest in the application of big data to university campuses and building portfolios.

Led by FuseForward, the network is working to develop solutions that bridge the gap between academia, industry and technology. Our goal is to create new tools that enable operational managers to harness the power of big data and smart devices in a way that is innovative and practical.

Current Membership

The Intelligent Systems Research Network is made up of specialists, data scientists, architects, engineers, academics and researchers with a common interest in big data analytics, sustainability and the management and operation of complex facilities.

Founded in 2007, the network has recently been formalized through partnerships with leading academic institutions across North America. Institutions currently participating in our network include the University of British Columbia, Ryerson, York and Simon Fraser University.

An Expert Team

“FuseForward’s technology and expert team have been invaluable to our efforts to prototype new data modelling approaches for IoT Smart Building applications.

As a result of FuseForward’s input, we have significantly decreased the time and effort necessary to deploy new concepts and algorithms.”

Jenn McArthur, Associate Professor, Department of Architectural Science, Ryerson University


Interested in Participating in the Network?

We are looking for new industry or academic partners that can help us achieve our goals. By participating in our network, you will be able to apply real-time and predictive analytics to your operations, and also implement new, innovative control systems.