Watch Now: Remote Access for Legacy and On-Premise Applications

Watch Now: Remote Access for Legacy and On-Premise Applications

Are you struggling to provide access to legacy and on-premise applications?

Many organizations still rely on legacy or on-premise applications for their day-to-day operations. Because of this, many businesses have had difficulties transitioning to a fully remote workforce—with some employees still requiring physical access to the office to use essential applications, such as payroll systems.

We have received a lot of queries about how to provide secure remote access to legacy applications. Our technical deep dive aims to address these as we take a look at common challenges surrounding:

  • On-premise and desktop-based applications
  • Legacy client-server workloads
  • VPN capacity

This session was presented by Mark Damm, FuseForward Founder and CTO. Mark is a skilled system architect with over 30 years’ experience designing and leading the implementation of complex IT systems.


Watch Now: Remote Access for Legacy and On-Premise Apps


This event was the second installment of our Remote Control Series—a webinar series designed to provide quick answers to common technical challenges we are facing, including business continuity, online service delivery and cloud computing. Register for the next session to join the discussion.

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