Video: Running out of VPN Connections?

Video: Running out of VPN Connections?

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, most organizations had the infrastructure to comfortably allow a number of employees to work from home at a given time.

But organizations are quickly discovering the differences between managing a few remote employees vs an entire remote workforce. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is one particular piece of technology that has been struggling to keep up under the increased demand.

Common challenges include:

  • Insufficient connections
  • Bandwidth reduction
  • Security concerns

Watch Now: Establish a VPN Landing Zone


Our technical deep dive addresses the common challenges surrounding VPNs and outlines how you can establish a VPN Landing Zone to maximize connectivity and security.

This webinar was presented by our Solutions Engineer, Ray Jung. Ray is an AWS-certified IT professional with over 20 years’ experience in building and managing complex IT environments for enterprises.

This event was the third installment of our Remote Control Series—a webinar series designed to provide quick answers to common technical challenges we are facing, including business continuity, online service delivery and cloud computing. Register for the next session to join the discussion.

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