Urban Cycle Hire Platform Uses Managed Security Services

Transport for London & Serco ensured the security of a real-time smart data platform for a world-class cycle hire system

About Transport for London & Serco

Transport for London (TfL) provides a world-class cycle hire scheme in London. TfL contracted Serco to assist in implementing the scheme as a result of the company’s expertise in the transportation sector.

Serco designs high-quality customer-centric passenger transport services – in rail, ferries, and cycle hire in partnership with the government by integrating the best in technology and assets with its people to deliver service excellence.

Challenge: Securing Streaming Data & Real-Time Applications

Transport for London needed an environment that captured a wide array of data, including streaming data from its fleet, operations data, customer information data, and third-party data such as weather reports.

It also needed to integrate eight different applications, including ERP software, location tracking software, and work order management systems. All data from across the fleet needed to be analyzed to optimize the service and provide real-time reports and predictions on performance, fleet availability, incident response, and usage patterns.

In addition, Serco needed to maintain TfL’s bicycle fleet and ensure that docking stations met certain availability and security requirements. To manage and secure the private network, Serco partnered with FuseForward to develop a system that would provide real-time insight into the fleet’s operations while protecting all data, at every touchpoint.

Solution: Smart Data Platform with Managed Security

In order to meet the project’s specific requirements FuseForward used various AWS technologies, including EC2, ECS, VPC, DirectConnect, RDS, EMR, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, SNS, SES, Route 53, IAM, S3, and Workspaces. FuseForward not only acted as a systems integrator but as a data analytics consultant and managed security service provider, ensuring that the entire solution was developed with security in mind.

The smart data platform securely stores and manages sensitive information at every touchpoint and has been designed to meet availability requirements of 99.95% to ensure the system supporting the network never goes down. Processing messages from 17,000 bicycles every 24 hours, FuseForward’s solution uses a private network for data ingestion and analysis for additional security. At no point are any applications exposed to the public internet. Two-factor authentication ensures an additional layer of security.

Results: Protected from Threats & Delivering Performance

FuseForward’s highly secure backbone for the operations of the bike management system not only ensures that TfL’s operations run smoothly, but it also offers agility and flexibility. From security monitoring and vendor management right through to cost management, FuseForward’s managed services ensure that the platform is protected from threats while delivering the system performance required by users.

About FuseForward

FuseForward accelerates digital transformation for critical infrastructure providers such as cities, utilities, and transportation providers through consulting and technology expertise. With expertise across cloud, intelligent systems, advanced analytics, cybersecurity, and much more, FuseForward serves customers around the world from offices in Canada, Europe, and South Africa.