CIA C2S, Surging Managed Cloud Services Demand

CIA C2S, Surging Managed Cloud Services Demand

Each week we’ll bring you an overview of the latest news in cloud computing, cybersecurity and industrial IoT over the past seven days. This week we’re focused on the latest news in cloud and industry trends

Intelligence Community Migrates to Cloud Technology at Lightning Speed

Working closely with AWS, IC entities have been pursuing a multi-faceted and multi-year initiative to move its networks to the cloud, an effort which appears to already have massively transformed operations into a new, improved era. CIA’s Director of Digital Innovation Sean Roche said cloud migration has been “nothing short of transformational,” adding that it has “transformed our ability to build new capabilities.”

AWS is credited with building the CIA’s C2S cloud to gather, access and organize data.

Why There’s a Surging Demand for Managed Cloud Services

As enterprises’ cloud strategies reach levels that include more critical workloads, the challenges associated with maintaining these increasingly complex environments have also increased. Major contributing factors to this trend are the need for regulatory compliance and the availability of cloud application development and infrastructure management skills.

Read more on how the industry for managed cloud services continues to evolve.

Company Sues Employee After She Falls for USD 250K CEO Fraud Scam

Patricia Reilly, who was working for the UK Peebles Media Group fell for a CEO fraud scam where the criminals sent her emails pretending to be Mrs. Reilly’s boss. She was dismissed from the firm for her actions after being described as careless and in breach of her duties. However, Mrs. Reilly’s legal team have said that she did not receive any training on how to spot online fraud.

Lawyers acting for the company still accuse Mrs. Reilly of being negligent while the hearing continues.

IoT Botnets Target Enterprise Video Conferencing Systems

In August, researchers from IoT security startup WootCloud discovered a botnet dubbed OMNI that was infecting business video conferencing systems made by Polycom. Since then, the company has seen three additional botnets targeting the same type of systems in addition to other Linux-based embedded devices.

Find out how Polycom has taken action against the botnet threat.

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