How to Use Free Amazon WorkSpaces

How to Use Free Amazon WorkSpaces

With millions of people around the world now working remotely, many organizations are looking to trial free Desktop-as-a-Service offers such as Amazon WorkSpaces. The struggle for many organizations is taking advantage of these offers without compromising on security and compliance. This has proved particularly challenging for those companies that are dependent on legacy infrastructure and aren’t cloudready.  

Amazon WorkSpaces Supports a Remote Workforce

There is a simple solution for businesses looking to equip their people to work from home: virtual desktops that allow secure, consistent and reliable access to any application, offering the same experience as in the office. Consolidating each individual’s applications into a single platform, Amazon WorkSpaces is delivered as a secure virtual desktop, allowing companies to control access to their environment while boosting employee productivity. 

Give Amazon WorkSpaces a Free Test Run

Many business leaders may want to take a more cautious approach to new technology investments during these turbulent economic times. While there are many cost benefits to using Amazon Workspaces, including reduced hardware inventory, simpler OS version and patch managementcompanies may want to try before they buy. AWS  offers a free tier to allow businesses to evaluate how the solution can work best for them, and has added to its free offering as a result of COVID-19.  

Access Free Security and Configuration

While anyone can access the Amazon WorkSpaces free tier, in order to support organizations’ work from home initiatives, whave created a solution to help them get the most out of the trial. Our solution includes 50 free Amazon WorkSpaces users, along with enhanced security, completely free until July 1st*. We will configure and manage this service, which is provided on a first come, first serve basis. 

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How to Address WorkSpace Configuration Challenges

Many companies trying to implement remote work solutions have already encountered some common challenges. These include difficulties around security and integration. There’s also a little more to setting up Amazon WorkSpaces than just clicking a few check boxes. That’s why we will configure and maintain this virtual desktop solution for you.  

In order for Amazon WorkSpaces to connect to your on-premise applications, a VPN must be set up in order to access applications from the on-premise company network. This can be a challenge for some businesses while their networking teams are working from home.  

Similarly, security and governance considerations must be taken into account. Cyberattacks are expected to intensify as criminals look to exploit remote work infrastructure, so organizations need to protect their virtual desktop with firewalls, intrusion detection, DDoS protection and more. Data residency and governance must also be factored into the solution. 

As an optional add-on, we help streamline credential management by linking to your existing active directorywhile locking down your applications with a multi-layered service, including perimeter security, intrusion detection and monitoring. In addition, we provide users with access to all of their applications with a single password – also as an added extra – simplifying administration and management. 

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We can provide 50 Amazon WorkSpaces users, plus aspects of our security service, completely free until July 1st*, on a 12 month agreement. Contact us today!

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