Houzz.com, Amazon SageMaker Neo

Houzz.com, Amazon SageMaker Neo

Each week we’ll bring you an overview of the latest news in cloud computing, cybersecurity and industrial IoT over the past seven days. This week we’re exploring IoT cybersecurity, major AWS announcements and more.

Houzz.com Suffers Major Data Breach

Home improvement website Houzz has notified users to reset their passwords following a major data breach. Houzz has not disclosed the potential causes of the breach or how many of their 40 million+ users had been affected. According to TechCrunch, Houzz reported that passwords were scrambled and salted using a one-way hashing algorithm, but no further details of the algorithm were provided.

See digital trends for a summary of compromised information, and what users can do to protect themselves.

AWS Boosts Open Source Credentials with SageMaker

Last week AWS announced it was releasing the code of Amazon SageMaker Neo, as the open source NEO-AI under the Apache Software License. The announcement is seen as a sign that AWS is reaffirming its involvement with the open-source community. The release enables any developer to validate machine-learning models for different devices, which previously required a lot of custom work.

Here ITWeb comments on the announcement while outlining the benefits to the open source community.

Japanese Government to Hack into Citizens’ IoT Devices

The Japanese government has recently approved a law that will allow government employees to hack into residents’ IoT devices. Beginning next month, authorities will test the password security of over 200 million IoT devices starting with web cameras and routers. The program is reported to be aimed at increasing cybersecurity ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Japan will try to hack its citizens’ routers and webcams in the name of cybersecurity

Amazon Web Services Reports 45 Percent Jump in Revenue

AWS has announced a revenue jump of 45% in the fourth quarter, with sales climbing to $7.43 billion from $5.11 billion a year ago. In addition to astounding revenue growth, Business Insider points out that AWS has also been moving fast product-wise, announcing hybrid cloud and adding significant AI capabilities.

Amazon Web Services reports 45 percent jump in revenue in the fourth quarter

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