Raspberry Pi NASA Breach; AWS EC2 C5

Raspberry Pi NASA Breach; AWS EC2 C5

Each week we’ll bring you an overview of the latest news in cloud computing, cybersecurity and industrial IoT over the past seven days.

Hackers Used a Cheap Raspberry Pi Computer to Breach NASA

The U.S. Office of the Inspector General reported this week that an unauthorized Raspberry Pi, a basic, build-it-yourself computer, had been connected to NASA’s network. A cyber snooper was then able to use the credit-card sized computer to springboard into two of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s main networks and steal as much as 500 megabytes of data from 23 files.

Learn how a cheap computer managed to compromise NASA.

AWS Announces New C5 Instance Sizes and Bare Metal Instances Now Available

Amazon EC2 C5 Instances are used to run compute-heavy workloads like batch processing, distributed analytics and high-performance computing. AWS will be expanding the Amazon EC2 C5 family with new larger virtualized instance sizes: 12xlarge and 24xlarge, and a bare metal option.

Previously, the largest C5 instance available was C5.18xlarge, with 72 logical processors and 144 GiB of memory. The new 24xlarge size increases available resources by 33%, in order to scale up and reduce the time required to compute-intensive tasks.

Learn more about the upgraded Amazon EC2 C5 Instances.

Cybersecurity Risks are Threatening Deals, Industry Survey Shows

Cybersecurity issues are increasingly becoming a concern in mergers and acquisitions, a new survey shows, and security lapses can jeopardize deals or haunt purchasers long after the deal is done.

Recent acquisitions highlight the threat that cyber risks can pose to a company’s reputation and bottom line. Verizon Communications Inc. acquired Yahoo’s Internet properties in 2017 at a $350 million discount after security breaches surfaced at the web company.

Companies are now looking to third-party auditors for assessments and recommendations before merging or acquiring another company.

Senate Bill to Strengthen Cybersecurity Coordination with State and Local Governments

new Senate bill aims to strengthen cybersecurity coordination between the Department of Homeland Security, and state and local governments.

The State and Local Government Cybersecurity Act would encourage national cybersecurity watchdogs to share information, including threats, vulnerabilities, breaches and resources to prevent and recover from cyber attacks, with states and localities who are increasingly targeted by bad actors.

Learn more about this measure to improve cybersecurity responsiveness between all levels of government.

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