Watch Now: Digital Innovation in Challenging Times

Watch Now: Digital Innovation in Challenging Times

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, today’s critical service providers are still under pressure to digitally innovate—from online customer services through to advanced cloud and IoT projects.

While the pandemic is often touted as a catalyst for digital transformation, it has also introduced challenges too. New remote operations systems are a beacon for hackers and at the same time, financial pressures are reducing budgets for new technology projects.


Watch Now: Digital Innovation in Challenging Times


We teamed up with specialists from CloudEndure, an AWS company, to outline simple ways you can drive digital innovation while addressing challenges using a cloud-based disaster recovery service.

Our on-demand webinar covers:

  • The cloud
    • Disaster recovery as a simple first step
  • Addressing challenges
    • Cybersecurity: trends and dangers
    • Budget restrictions: reducing your TCO
    • Business continuity: Reducing downtime, improving scalability

This session was presented by Ray Jung, FuseForward, and Chris Franco, CloudEndure and was the sixth installment of our Remote Control Series. Learn more about our series and upcoming sessions. 

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