Video: Funding Smart Infrastructure Projects

Video: Funding Smart Infrastructure Projects

Securing funds for smart cities, smart campuses, & smart utilities

Experts predict the amount of internet-connected devices used by industry to double in the next five years, but despite the potential benefits, up to 80% of the data they generate goes unused. Smart infrastructure projects, such as smart cities, can make good use of this data—but a lack of budget and access to funding often prevents these projects from moving ahead.

Whether you’re running a small smart city pilot, building a smart utility, or developing a university-wide smart campus, your project will require a budget to get underway. Thankfully, sources of funding are available.

Join our speakers as they outline their methods for identifying funding sources for smart infrastructure projects and share their real-world success stories.

Our webinar will help you:

  • Identify sources of funding
  • Outline desirable aspects of your project
  • Access support to get started


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