Watch Now – Smart Campus Panel Discussion

Watch Now – Smart Campus Panel Discussion

The smart campus trend is growing as higher education institutions pursue the latest in digital innovation. But what is a ’smart campus’ and what are the benefits of these projects?

In a bid to answer these questions, we gathered three leaders that are breaking ground in the smart campus field for an informative panel discussion. We discussed their innovative smart campus initiatives, along with the benefits these projects will have for other institutions and industries.

Panelists include:

  • Roy Hart, Chief Information Officer, BCIT
  • Jenn McArthur, Associate Professor, Ryerson University
  • Mark Damm, Chief Technology Officer, FuseForward

Watch Now: What is a Smart Campus?

Who should watch?

Anyone looking to learn more about the latest innovations in smart campus technology, including digital transformation and innovation professionals, academics and IoT industry professionals.

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