Smart Campus Research Fund

Smart Campus Research Fund

FuseForward, a Vancouver-based solutions provider, is excited to announce its involvement in the development of a new facility that will enable advanced testing of smart building technology. The Smart Campus Integration & Testing Lab will be established at Ryerson University, and will serve as a demonstration of how intelligent devices and systems can be used to manage smart campus environments, with wider applications to industries such as cities and utilities.

The Canada Foundation for Innovation will provide $1,962,000 to support The Smart Campus Integration & Testing Lab and is one of 102 projects funded by the Federal Government, announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau March 3, 2021.

Among its many features, the Smart Campus Integration & Testing Lab will provide Canadian smart building researchers with realistic environments in which they can experiment with smart building technologies, such as internet-connected HVAC systems and water pumps. The new lab addresses a lack of available infrastructure to conduct smart building experimentation in a way that does not impact the privacy of building occupants. Importantly, the lab combines the ability to conduct smart building experiments alongside the ability to develop essential cybersecurity services.

For FuseForward CEO Mark Damm, the ability to test smart building technology is just one of many aspects of the project to be excited about, highlighting the lab’s remote operations centre as an important feature.

“The Smart Campus Testing Lab will include a fully equipped remote operations centre, a central control room where researchers can view and control the entire operations of the university campus remotely. This technology is becoming increasingly important as industry moves towards remote operations as a result of the pandemic,” says Mr. Damm.

FuseForward has a long history of involvement with smart building research and is currently supporting the development of a smart campus integration platform at Ryerson University. FuseForward has made significant contributions to the Smart Campus Integration & Testing Lab project and will provide expertise and technology to the project, including cloud computing resources and an online data management and analytics platform.

Jenn McArthur, Associate Professor in the Department of Architectural Science at Ryerson University and project lead, is looking forward to working with FuseForward on the development of the new lab.

“FuseForward has been a strategic partner in Ryerson’s Smart Buildings research for years, and is a key collaborator in the development of current projects at Ryerson,” says Professor McArthur. “I’m looking forward to our continued work together on the development of cutting-edge smart building and smart campus solutions.”

FuseForward currently leads ground-breaking research and technology development through the Intelligent Systems Alliancea network of academic and industry partners with a passion for applying advanced analytics to critical infrastructure. The insights developed from this research will inform the development of FuseForward’s Intelligent Systems Platform, due for commercial release later this year.


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