Powering Smart Utilities: African Utility Week

Powering Smart Utilities: African Utility Week

FuseForward is excited to be exhibiting at African Utility Week in Cape Town, South Africa from May 14-16.

With more than 10,000 professionals from the African utility industry in attendance, African Utility Week is an ideal platform for industry professionals to discuss and collaborate on solutions that can help improve their service to their customers and stakeholders.

FuseForward Founder and CTO Mark Damm is excited about the opportunity the event presents to discuss the key challenges facing African utilities with those on the frontline.

“We know that utilities in Africa face a range of unique issues, from the maintenance of aging infrastructure right through to the ability to meet consumer demand for resources,” says Mark.

“Data from IoT devices and smart meters has the potential to inform and improve operations, but developing the technology required to manage this can be a barrier for many resource-strapped utilities. We can help. We provide secure, reliable solutions that enable utilities to store and analyze data in a way that is useful, without the need for a complex, resource-intensive IT project.”

In addition to water and electric utility solutions, FuseForward also provides cloud migration and management services, including comprehensive cloud security, protection for critical services and managed services for asset management and field force automation applications.

We will be available to discuss all things cloud and utilities at the Canadian Pavilion, located at stand E20.  Exhibition attendance is free. If you’d like to come and chat with us, please register here.

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